Experience TEN exhilarating inversions, including a vertical loop, cobra roll, double corkscrew and the UK’s only quadruple barrel roll! Colossus proudly stands amongst the top ten roller coasters with the most inversions, worldwide! 


At 98 ft in the air, the iconic steel track stands like the Colossus of Rhodes - a powerful wonder of the theme park world! Fly high and low through Thorpe Park’s Lost City, close enough to wave to visitors on the path, before you dive into an underground trench. Brace yourself: there are surprises hidden around every curved corner on Colossus!


Take on Colossus during our Fright Nights Halloween event for the chance to flip upside down in the dark! Collect the full Feared Five set as part of thrilling roller coaster challenge.

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Minimum Height 1.4

Maximum Height 1.93

Maximum torso restriction 51 inches

Footwear must be worn

Fastrack available

Thrills ride

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