Flying Fish

Experience a fun, fast, first-time rollercoaster with a trip on Flying Fish. Now a firm family favourite at the park, Flying Fish is the perfect ride for young thrill seekers to earn their adrenaline apprenticeship.


Can I ride?

To ride Flying Fish at THORPE PARK Resort you must:

  • be at least 0.9m tall, under 1.1m must be accompanied by 16+

For a full list of ride accessibility restrictions click here


@THORPEPARK flying fish obviously

THIS RIDE IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!went on it 4 times in a row and i never once got bored!!!!!!!let me tell this is a ride you cant miss out on!!!!!!!!

- Ria,

A day at Thorpe Park isn't a day at Thorpe Park without going on Flying Fish! This ride is one of my guilty pleasures, It's meant for little kids but in my eyes it can be for any age! Well Done Thorpe Park :)X

- Ellen,

I went on this ride with my 23 year old sister and we still both loved it. its a great ride for any age and want to ride again next time.

- Joe,
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