Spin, dive and swoop over 750 metres of twisting track at speeds of up to 50mph to escape the heat of a steaming volcano.

Can I ride?

To ride Nemesis Inferno you must:

  • be at least 1.4m tall
  • maximum 51 inch torso restriction
  • wear sturdy shoes (no heels or sandals please)


Maria Leask
@THORPEPARK The news rides are good, but you just can't beat the classic of Nemesis Inferno.
Loren Nicholson @InDrumLife Apr 23
@THORPEPARK singing "I believe I can fly" with the rest of my party throughout the whole of nemesis inferno last year!
Chris Mould @Mousec58 Apr 24
wat a thrill gr8 fun and xciting
John Ebbs
Amazing day at @THORPEPARK ! Went On All The Big Rides,Nemesis Inferno Or The Swarm Was My Favourite! Amazing Day 😃
Ben Tew @tew_ben Apr 27
Danny Richards
Nemesis inferno 3 times in a row @THORPEPARK EPIC!
Loren Nicholson @InDrumLife Apr 20
Excellent ride - very smooth and unpredictable
Antony Micallef


I love this ride! Its so cool. I definitely recommend riding it at least once during your time at Thorpe Park and don't miss out on it!!!!!!!!!!

- Joe, London

An amazing ride! My first corkscrew rollercoaster and surely one of my favorite rides in the park! I'm definitely going again in April.

- Phoebe, London

I loved nemesis inferno more than any other ride its a fast and thrilling ride through hell I could almost feel the heat of fire on my skin.

- Guy DeLuca, London
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