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Local Residents

What is a Local Passport?

As a close neighbour of THORPE PARK Resort, in the past you would have received an issue of Pause for Thorpe. However, this year we wanted to make sure that our neighbours were getting the best benefits possible, and therefore we have created a brand new Local Passport for you!

Your Local Passport is your way into a whole season of fun at Thorpe Park. The booklet will contain information on how to collect your pass, what perks you get as a local resident, and of course - 4 x vouchers to collect your Local Pass! You will need to bring these passes in to the park and swap it for your Season Pass. 

What is a Local Pass?

A Local Pass is a chance for you to come and enjoy a thrilling day out at THORPE PARK Resort including free access to all Year of unmissable events plus special dates such as FRIGHT NIGHTS and free parking!

Your Benefits Include:

- Unrestricted access to THORPE PARK Resort*
- FREE Parking 
- Invites to EXCLUSIVE Passholder Events
- 20% off THORPE SHARK Hotel 

For updates on your benefits, keep checking this page. 

Do I need to bring my full booklet with me every time I intend to use it?

On every visit you intend to redeem your Local Passport vouchers, you must bring : Your Local Passport, Proof of address (i.e utility bill), Matching photo Identification (i.e driving licence). 

Where do I collect my tickets from?

Please head to the Island Ticket Centre to redeem your Local Passes. This is the ticket booth just outside the front of the theme park. 

Should I cut out my vouchers?

DO NOT under any circumstances remove any of the vouchers from your booklet or pages.  The admissions team at the annual pass building are the only team who can remove the vouchers.  If you remove vouchers from your booklet they will be void.

Can I provide a digital copy of my Local Passport?

No digital copies of the Local Passport will be accepted. The full Local Passport must be presented to the admissions team.

Who can use the Local Pass?

Please note that the Local Passport is issued to immediate neighbours only. Although, we would love for you all to redeem your Local Pass and visit THORPE PARK Resort, we understand that our rides and attractions aren’t for everyone! If you would like a close family member to use your Local Pass, please bring a photo and redeem the pass for them.

These tickets are not for resale. 

When can I use my Local Pass?

Once you have redeemed your Local Pass, you will have unrestricted access to THORPE PARK Resort*! This means you can use your pass whenever suits you in the 2019 season.

*Excluding club night dates and private events. Entry will also be denied if the park is at full capacity.  

If I have any questions who do I contact?

Please email  and quote ‘Local Passport’ and your address for any enquiries.

How can I get in contact about noise concerns?

To raise a noise concern please email with the subject "Local Resident - Noise Concern".

Please provide us with:

  • Your Name
  • Your location
  • Contact Number
  • What you can hear

Eligible Households


  1. Abbey Place, Chertsey KT16
  2. Albert Avenue, Chertsey KT16
  3. Alton Court, Staines TW18
  4. Aymer Close, Staines TW18
  5. Aymer Drive, Staines TW18


  1. Blackett Close, Staines TW18
  2. Bourne Avenue, Chertsey KT16
  3. Burway Crescent, Chertsey KT16


  1. Chertsey Lane (selected house numbers only), Staines TW18
  2. Clyve Way, Staines TW18
  3. Coldharbour Lane, Egham TW20
  4. Craigwell Close, Staines TW18


  1. Eastern Avenue, Chertsey KT16


  1. Ferry Avenue, Staines TW18


  1. Green Lane, Staines TW18


  1. Holland Gardens, Staines TW20


  1. Laleham Reach KT16


  1. Midway Avenue, Chertsey KT16
  2. Moorfields Close, Staines TW18


  1. Norlands Lane, Staines TW20
  2. Northern Burway, Laleham Reach, KT16


  1. Peket Close, Staines TW18
  2. Penton park/Penton park Southside KT16


  1. Redwood, Staines TW20
  2. Riverside, Staines TW18


  1. South Side KT16


  1. Temple Gardens, Staines TW18
  2. Thames Avenue, Chertsey KT16
  3. The Crescent, Chertsey KT16
  4. The Lane, Chertsey KT16
  5. Thorpeside Close, Staines TW18


  1. Weir Place, Staines TW18
  2. Western Avenue, Chertsey KT16
  3. Western Close KT16
  4. Wey Avenue, Chertsey KT16