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For all FAQ's and information on our ride accessibility, download our guide! Or, apply for a Ride Access Pass below.


The Ride Access Pass is a system we have in place to help guests who require extra assistance or are unable to queue due to a condition or disability. This allows them access to the rides via a virtual queuing system for themselves and up to three people (one of which must be age 14+).

The Ride Access Pass removes the need for our guests to wait within the main ride queue lines, and enter by a dedicated entrance for Ride Access Pass users. 

From 2020 onwards, all you must do is register once with either Alton Towers Resort, THORPE PARK Resort, Chessington World of Adventures Resort or LEGOLAND Windsor Resort and you will be given a Merlin Ride Access Pass on your first visit which can be used at all of these attractions. For more information check out our help centre.

Please note that having a registered disability does not mean you automatically receive a Ride Access Pass. 



  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. The date of your first visit (when you will collect your pass)
  4. To support your application, you will be required to provide evidence of your disability. To do so, please ensure that you have one of the following documents (dated within the last 24 months), and attach a scanned copy of this to your email: 
  • A certified NHS Letter from your doctor or consultant clearly stating why you are eligible for the policy (dated within last 2 years)*
  • A letter from a professional body (e.g Nurse, Bupa Healthcare Advisor) clearly stating why you are eligible for the policy (dated within last 2 years)*
  • A DLA, DWP or PIP letter stating you are entitled to higher rate mobility allowance – please note we will only accept higher rate mobility allowance for a Ride Access Pass, no other letters will be accepted (dated within last 2 years).
  • A blue badge along with an additional form of photographic identification
  • A valid Access Card - New for 2020 – We will accept guests who present an Access Card with the Queueing logo on it. (These cards are available from

*Please note we are not in a position to assess individuals’ abilities so we must insist that the letter from a medical professional states that you are unable to queue and why, rather than simply confirming your condition.  

Please send this information to

After receiving your email, our team will respond to confirm your eligibility within 7 days. You will then be provided with a link to register your details for your Ride Access ID Card online. Please follow the instructions and complete the form, and you will receive a confirmation email once this has been submitted.

On the day of your visit, please bring along the Case Number that you will receive in your original email, and also the confirmation number from your application to collect your pass! Passes can be collected at the Island Access Hub outside of the Lower Dome. 

By emailing us over details, I confirm that:

 (a) I explicitly consent to; and
 (b) either the child is under the age of 13 or, where any child is 13 years of age or older, I have obtained (and will produce on request by Merlin) from the child, over the age of 13, to whom the application relates; and
(c) the adult who I am carrying out the application on behalf of, explicitly consents to the following:

  1. Merlin needs to collect personal information that relates to yours, the child’s or other adult’s disability. The information that Merlin will to need collect is called special categories of personal data and will include the following:

(d) a consultant or GP letter detailing your disability or the individual you are applying for
(e) a photocopy of your blue badge, or the individual you are applying for
(f) a letter from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), Disability Living Allowance (DLA), or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) stating that you are entitled to a higher rate or enhanced rate mobility allowance or the individual your applying for

  1. Merlin needs the special categories of data listed in point 1 above so that it can ensure that yourself, or the individual you applying for qualifies for an application for a disabled registration ID card
  2. Merlin will not share these special categories of personal data with any person other than its supplier, Avius who provide Merlin with survey and customer experience management software. Avius will only store the special categories of personal data for Merlin to use to in its assessment of your application.

Merlin will destroy the special categories of personal data (this includes the special categories of personal data stored by Avius) that you have given it 4 weeks from receiving the special categories of personal data.

  1. I understand that I have the right to withdraw this consent at any stage during the application process by contacting Merlin, however that the withdrawal of consent will prevent Merlin from processing this application.

I confirm my consent to the processing of special categories of data as explained above.
I confirm that the child is under the age of 13 or, where any child is 13 years of age or older, I confirm that I have explained how personal information will be used to the child and have obtained explicit consent to the above from the child, which will be supplied to Merlin on request.
I confirm that I have explained how personal information will be used to the adult that I am carrying out the application on behalf of and have obtained explicit consent to the above from the adult, which will be supplied to Merlin on request.
Please note that Merlin's complete Privacy Policy is located here.

2. Apply for your pass at Thorpe Park Resort on your first visit (please note: this will be a slower process than applying via email)

To apply for a Ride Access Pass in person, you will need to go to the Island Access Hub (located at the Lower Dome) and provide the above information and documentation in person. Please note that this will be slower and we highly advise that you apply online in advance. 

Once your application has been approved, you will be issued with your new Ride Access Pass ID which will be valid for 2 years. You and up to THREE helpers can then enjoy quicker access to the rides. 

Read below to find out how to use your pass on the day! 

How do I use my Ride Access Pass on the day?

Using your pass is as easy as 1, 2, 3! 


    Choose which ride you would like to go on. Ensure that you have collected your Ride Access Pass ID Card from the Island Access Hub and have this and your Access Pass to hand. You need to present this at each ride. Check out the ride restrictions here.

  2. SCAN 

    Enter the ride via the specified disabled access point, present your Ride Access ID card and Access Pass to the member of staff. A member of staff will scan your ID card and enter the time for your next ride. 

  3. ENJOY! 

    Enjoy your chosen ride with up to three of your friends and family! 


Our Ride Accessibility Guide will provide a full overview of our attraction’s accessibility and the services available for guests with disabilities.

Please visit Island Help & Information in the Lower Dome for any further information or assistance throughout your visit

Click here to download our accessibility guide!

Latest information regarding Coronavirus

Further to recent updates from the Government on the response to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, we have taken the very difficult decision to close Thorpe Park Resort until further notice.

Have a short break booked when the Resort is closed?
Following the latest Government guidelines (issued on 10th May), and given the continued uncertainty about when we will be able to reopen, we are now asking guests with short breaks booked between 1st June up to and including 3rd July to move your booking free of charge (subject to availability). Please visit the Manage My Booking site to rearrange your booking.

Have a Park ticket pre-booked when the Resort is closed?
If you have booked a ticket to visit Thorpe Park Resort during the closure period your ticket will be valid for use on any date during the 2020 season (excluding FRIGHT NIGHTS and pre-advertised closed dates as outlined on our website). Further information for guests with pre-booked and promotional tickets will be published on our website prior to opening.

We are determined to be here for you, your friends and your family offering otherworldly thrills and helping you create fantastic memories as we have done for decades and will continue to do for many more.

We’ll be sharing our full plans soon. In the meantime, please keep smiling, clapping and supporting each other. See you soon!

Please click the link below for more information and FAQs.

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