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Ride Availability


At THORPE PARK we want you to have the ultimate day out. To help you plan your day, this page lists our current ride closures.

Please note that closures are subject to change. We advise downloading the THORPE PARK app ahead of your visit to view on the day queue times and ride availability.

We want everyone to experience our awesome rides as safely possible, sometimes we may have to temporarily close a ride during adverse weather conditions. It’s worth noting, our measurements such as wind are taken at height, so whilst it may not feel so windy at ground level - things sure feel different at 200ft!

Should the weather have a significant impact on your day you may be entitled to a free return visit through our Island Return Guarantee.

Ride / Attraction Planned closure date/s
Rumba Rapids Currently unavailable
Amity Beach Opens in the Summer

Ride Name Max Wind Gusts

Min. Operating Temp

Can operate in heavy rain

Amity Beach N/A N/A Yes
Mr Monkey’s Banana Ride 35mph 5°C Yes
Colossus 35mph 5°C Yes
Ghost Train N/A N/A Yes
Depth Charge 35mph N/A Yes
Detonator 33mph 5°C Yes
Dodgems 39mph N/A Yes
Dobble Tea Party N/A N/A Yes
Flying Fish 39mph 5°C Yes
High striker 33mph 5°C Yes
Nemesis Inferno 40mph 5°C No
Quantum 35mph 5°C Yes
Rumba Rapids 33mph 5°C No
Rush 35mph 5°C Yes
Samurai 39mph 5°C Yes
SAW - The Ride 40mph 5°C No
Stealth 31mph 5°C Yes
Storm Surge 40mph 5°C Yes
THE SWARM 33mph 5°C Yes
The Walking Dead – The Ride N/A N/A Yes
Vortex 23mph 5°C Yes
Zodiac 25mph 5°C Yes


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