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Thorpe Park Resort

Educational Workshops

Learning through enjoyment is our ethos at THORPE PARK Resort. Teachers have the option to book an educational workshop from our award winning STEM & Business programme that aims to harness students’ excitement and provide the framework to challenge and inspire them.

Have a look below to find the right workshop or TED (THORPE EDUCATION DAILY) talk for you. Don’t miss our free online learning resources to compliment your educational visit.

Alternatively to speak to our education team about your school trip, email

Workshops TED Talks
Up to 45 Minutes Up to 30 Minutes
Interactive hands on workshop Bitesize theatre style talk
Up to 70 students per time slot* Up to 300 students per time slot*
Available from Key Stages 2-5 Available from Key Stages 2-5
£1.50 per student £1.50 per student
Students And Teacher Looking At The Swarm

Education at Thorpe Park Resort

Don’t miss our free online learning resources to compliment your educational visit.

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Our flagship science workshop/ T.E.D. Talks explores key principles of Physics and Maths with the inspiring backdrop of THORPE PARK Resort’s exhilarating rollercoasters. Discover how crucial considerations of accelerations, Newton’s Laws and Forces are in designing and maintaining Stealth, The SWARM and our thrilling rides as well as ensuring the safety of all our guests. Learning objectives include:

  • Discuss the effects of forces and acceleration on rollercoasters and rides
  • Explain energy conversions on the rollercoaster


Explore how THORPE PARK Resort operates as such a successful and exciting business. We demonstrate how creative Marketing, efficient Environmental Management and evolving Customer Service are all required to achieve them.

  • Identify key aims and objectives of the business
  • Interpret business strategies to develop their own recommendations

Please note that this is also available as a TED talk.


In line with the launch of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, THORPE PARK Resort embraces Computing learning for KS3 & 4 students

  • See how digital images can be manipulated for effect
  • Investigating future technologies


THORPE PARK Resort is excited to team up with K’NEX Education with this launch of a brand new Science Workshop which makes use of K’NEX’s educational range of STEM inspired construction kits.