Resources & Downloads

To make your school trip really work for you and your class, we’ve provided some resources for your trip. These are designed to help teachers plan and ensure the students get as much value from their educational trip to THORPE PARK Resort as possible.

Educational resource Packs


Students are required to use and develop their skills to identify situations in which the effective use of mathematics enables the development of solutions to problems. Can you work out the formula for thrills? Figure out how to thrill your riders but finish at a safe speed by altering various factors on each of our five rollercoaster tracks.

Give it a go!

KS3, 4 & 5 Business information and activities

  •          Identify key aims and objectives of the business
  •          Discover meeting and exceeding customer expectations

Download Business resource pack here

In line with the launch of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, THORPE PARK Resort embraces Computing learning for KS3 & 4 students: 

THORPE PARK Resort presents a workshop which captures themes that Derren Brown himself often explores: 

In line with the launch of Derren Brown’s Ghost Train explore design ideas and materials: