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POP Badges

As part of limited time or special events at selected attractions, POP Badges with selected designs are sometimes available for guests and Merlin Annual Passholders. You can also swap POP Badges, which means if you have a badge and spot a member of our team with a badge on their lanyard with a design that you prefer, you can ask them to swap their badge for one of yours!

Due to the special nature of POP Badges and their exclusive designs, any badges in distribution are subject to availability for a limited time only, and as such availability cannot be guaranteed – all badges, except the starter badges received in new Gold or Platinum Merlin Annual Pass privilege packs, are limited editions so need to be snapped up quick!

If you have seen an attraction release information on a new badge, we recommend planning your visit to them in advance, ensuring a prompt arrival to increase your chance of adding one of these badges to your collection – remember, availability is not guaranteed and is subject to our fair swapping guide below.
When swapping, please remember to follow the Fair Swapping Guide for Collectors:

  • Staff who have POP Badges are sometimes able to swap, however please be considerate if they are currently operating a ride or caring for our animals.
  • Collectors are responsible for their personal collection of POP Badges and our attractions cannot be held accountable for any losses that may occur on the premises.
  • For fair swapping, our POP Badge policy is 1 badge for 1 badge per swap, regardless of the POP Badge’s status or rarity.
  • Be considerate of other people’s collections and do not pressure them to swap something they may want to hold onto for their personal collection.
  • POP Badges are NOT for resale and hold no value. Do not pay someone for POP Badges as they are making unlawful profit from the attraction's intellectual property.


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