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4 Reasons Why A Day Out At THORPE PARK Resort Is Actually Good For You

  • Tuesday August 15th 2017
  • Jordan

Guests coming down Depth Charge water slides

For most people (ourselves included!) a day out at a theme park is an excuse to let loose and be naughty – and that means the opportunity to really indulge in some treats. And whilst the delicious snacks are arguably one of the best parts about coming to visit us on the Island, we thought we’d take this opportunity to point out that actually, a day out with us is a lot healthier than you might first realise!



SO MUCH WALKING! OK, so maybe we’re not the biggest theme park and we won’t ask you to trek actual miles between rides (look at you, Towers), but that doesn’t mean you don’t really rack up the steps between thrills. Last summer when we were addicted to Pokémon Go, we discovered that one lap of the Island is the equivalent of around 5000 steps, which equates to about 2 miles according to our trusty iPhone health app.

So think, that’s just once around the park – take into account all of the darting back and forth you’ll be doing between grabbing a drink refill and getting your next thrill fix you can easily smash the recommended 10000 steps a day before lunchtime!



And speaking of lunch, we’re proud at the Resort to offer a TON of different food options, including healthier choices for those who don’t fancy a burger and chips. We offer unlimited salad at Inferno’s Pizza & Pasta buffet, jacket potatoes at Peckish found in Angry Birds Land and a gorgeous selection of freshly prepared salads at Fin’s Bar and Grill. So next time you’re not feeling up to a hot dog or pizza when you’re at the park, just chat with our awesome team and they’ll be able to help you make a healthier choice that’s equally as delicious!



According to this article, adrenaline experienced in short bursts like you’d feel when riding a coaster is actually super healthy for you! When your adrenal glands dump the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline into the bloodstream to create an “adrenaline rush,” your body is activating a heightened state of physical and mental alertness. This can trigger all sorts of healthy and positive reactions in your body including boosting your immune system and helping you to breathe easier.



And probably the most important health benefit from a visit to a theme park – an increase in happiness! Studies have shown that positive psychological well-being is linked with a lower risk of heart disease, as well as lower blood pressure and healthier blood fat profiles. Being happy can even help stop you catching a cold! Some research has shown that positive emotions can play a part in immune function. One study found that when happy people are exposed to cold and flu viruses, they're less likely to get sick and, if they do, exhibit fewer symptoms.

So there we go – why hit the gym this summer when you can get just as much benefit from riding roller coasters!

Until next time Islanders,


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