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The dawn of a new era for the UK’s most thrilling theme park - Thorpe Park

  • Friday December 1st 2023
  • Charlotte


Thorpe Park, the UK’s most thrilling theme park has announced a brand-new logo and brand refresh. Find out the past, present and future of Thorpe Park here.

Yesterday we revealed our brand-new logo and exciting brand refresh following the conclusion of our exclusive three-part mini-series posted across our social media channels. In this mini-series we delved into the past, present and future of the most thrilling theme park in the UK, taking you on a whirlwind journey through Thorpe Park's evolution over the decades. In case you missed it, let’s take a look at it all showcased!

Episode one takes us back to 24th May 1979 when Thorpe Park opened its gates for the very first time – plot twist, there wasn’t a rollercoaster in sight! Reflecting on the parks history from 1979 right up to 2002, episode one explores key points in Thorpe Park history including the introduction of some iconic rides, the opening of our very first rollercoaster which you can still ride today (opening in 1984 as Space Station Zero, can you guess what this family-fun coaster is called today? Hint: Gone Fishin’), the introduction and departure of the iconic Thorpe Park Rangers, Royal visitors, the opening of the world's first backward-in-the-dark rollercoaster, the opening of Tidal Wave as Europe's tallest water ride, the opening of Colossus – the world's first 10-looping rollercoaster, plus 2002’s introduction of the infinity loop within the brand logo. 

Image 3

Episode two starts in the sizzling year of 2003. 2003 was a scorcher of a year, not only did the UK record sweltering temperatures of 38.5°C on the 10th August, but earlier that same year, on the 5th April, our red-hot, fiery rollercoaster Nemesis Inferno erupted giving park-goers a volcanic voyage through its lava-laden loops and torrid twist and turns. Over the next decade we added more fun things to do at Thorpe Park by unveiling some truly amazing rides such as Quantum, Rush and Eclipse (which we later swapped for Samurai at Chessington World of Adventures), we opened the world's first sky swat - Slammer, Flying Fish returned and of course we launched the UK’s fastest rollercoaster – Stealth. We drew in record-breaking crowds in 2009 when we opened the world’s first horror movie themed rollercoaster – SAW – The Ride, we then transported you into a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by bio-mechanical aliens when we launched the UK’s first winged rollercoaster – The Swarm in 2012 and we introduced our first family attractions in quite some time in a new land - Angry Birds Land! The injection of fun and vibrancy of Angry Birds Land meant we welcomed more families than ever before becoming the place to go with children and revitalised not only our brand but also the park itself. 2014 saw us implement a dramatic, but very intentional shift in our brand. We proudly adopted the identity of 'The Island Like No Other’ and came to recognise that a bit of light was needed amidst the darkness. 

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The third and final episode of our mini-series covered the years 2019 up to today. In 2019 we made a very conscious effort to bring the Thorpe Park brand back into the light, we also began to further embrace the infinity logo, using it as a unifying symbol for all of our seasonal events, including our award-winning Halloween event – Fright Nights. We didn’t want to simply unveil a shiny new logo while keeping the on-park experience unchanged. So instead, we took a different approach and behind the scenes we’ve been living and breathing our new brand vision of ‘Feel-Good Thrills’ for a few years now. Last year we added ride availability to our website, so you always know what to expect ahead of your visit and included information like maximum wind speeds and operating temperatures – so you can plan a great friends and family day out around these. We also launched the Thorpe Park Passholder Group, giving you access to upfront information like never before. During this year’s closed season, the park will be undertaking an ambitious and aptly titled ‘Sparkle Project’ where we will be investing millions in parkwide improvements. From ride painting to theming, sound systems to facilities, we're leaving no stone unturned. Keep an eye on our social channels and future blog posts for updates!  


Feel-good thrills are at the heart of the amazing new attractions coming your way in 2024. Get ready for the transformation of Angry Birds Land into the new vibrant and colourful ‘Big Easy Boulevard’ and of course our newest addition, Hyperia – the UK's tallest and fastest rollercoaster. What sets Hyperia apart? Our new gleaming goddess oozes positivity; there are no zombies, no gore, and not a shipping container shop in sight. Despite its colossal size, Hyperia’s theme is uplifting, not intimidating. Our goal is to make Hyperia accessible to as many people as possible - we've been prioritising accessibility throughout the project. 

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Throughout this mini-series, we've embarked on Thrope Park’s 40-year journey to becoming one of the best theme parks in the world to visit. Yet, one element has remained untouched since its debut in 2008—the Thorpe Park logo. We recognise this logo is more than just a symbol; it's a piece of Thorpe Park’s shared history. Many of you have grown up with it, holding onto countless memories. However, we also recognise that for some, it might still evoke memories of a time when Thorpe Park wasn't at its best. 



But now, it's time for change. Our new identity is everything we want to be, colourful, inclusive, and timeless. We’ve taken inspiration from our past to create a new identity that’ll see in the new era of Thorpe Park. You may also notice ‘Resort’ doesn’t feature in our logo, this is intentional as we want to stay true to who we are, which is an incredible theme park who just so happen to have a quirky on-site hotel.  


We understand that change can be a bit challenging at first, but we promise you that the future of Thorpe Park is incredibly bright, and we're confident that you're going to love it.  


Until next time👋 



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