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Chase the Sun and Find Your Fearless: Celebrate Summer Solstice with Hyperia!

  • Thursday June 13th 2024
  • Charlotte

Summer Solstice Hyperia In Blog Image

This summer, as the sun reaches its highest point in the sky, get ready for an unparalleled adventure at Thorpe Park, the UK’s most thrilling theme park! This year’s Summer Solstice takes place on 20th June and will mark the longest day of the year, a day filled with boundless energy and endless light. What better way to celebrate this astronomical marvel than by finding your fearless as you chase the sun and conquer the record-breaking height of our new rollercoaster for 2024, Hyperia, the UK’s tallest, fastest and most weightless rollercoaster! 

Hyperia: A New Era of Thrills 

New for 2024, towering above the iconic Thorpe Park skyline stands the tallest rollercoaster in the UK, a magnificent masterpiece; a glowing, golden Goddess of speed and height: Hyperia. Rising to an astonishing 236 feet tall, this steel giant beckons thrill-seekers from far and wide to find their fearless. Hyperia is not just the UK’s tallest, fastest and most weightless rollercoaster; it’s a tribute to the limitless potential within each of us. 

The Legend of Hyperia 

Inspired by the legendary daughter of an ancient River God who dared to defy her fears, Hyperia’s design embodies a story of triumph and courage. It’s a tribute to the power that lies within each of us to conquer the seemingly impossible and embrace our inner fearlessness! As you race along Hyperia’s twisted track, you’ll feel a connection to Hyperia herself, breaking free from the chains of doubt and embracing the unknown with the wings of steel you forged. 

Soar to the Sun on the Longest Day 

On the Summer Solstice, the sun travels its longest path through the sky, gifting us a day with the most daylight hours of the year. It’s a day that symbolises power, growth and the triumph of light over darkness. What better day to ride Hyperia and experience its breathtaking heights and thrilling speeds? 

As you soar towards the sun and feel weightless, you’ll embody the spirit of Hyperia, embracing your inner courage and strength. This Summer Solstice, let go of your fears and discover what it truly means to Find Your Fearless. 

The Magic of the Summer Solstice 

The Summer Solstice is a moment of astronomical wonder, marking the beginning of summer and a time when the Northern Hemisphere is tilted closest to the sun. With the North Pole angled at about 23.4° towards the sun, we experience the longest day of the year. This event is not just about the length of the day; it’s about celebrating the abundance of light and life. 

Find Your Fearless in Fearless Valley 

Step into the inspiring Fearless Valley where Hyperia awaits. As you take your seat and hold on tight, prepare for an extraordinary journey. Feel your heart race and your spirit soar with every twist and turn. On this special Summer Solstice Day, let Hyperia take you to new heights and help you embrace the light of the unknown with courage and determination. 

Embrace the Light: Hyperia and the Summer Solstice Experience 

Celebrate the Summer Solstice at Thorpe Park and make the longest day of the year one to remember. Hyperia is more than a rollercoaster; it’s a story of bravery, a journey of courage and a tribute to the power within each of us. 

Are you ready to soar? Book your tickets now and enjoy the Summer Solstice at Thorpe Park.  


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