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Coaster King of Thorpe Park 2018

  • Tuesday August 14th 2018
  • Mike

Rollercoaster Collage

Coaster King of Thorpe Park 2018


The 16thof August is National Roller Coaster Day and one of our iconic coasters will be crowned the coaster King of THORPE PARK Resort. Which one, is up to you…


Thorpe Park is an Island Like No Other! Across almost 40 years, we have amassed over 30 incredible rides and attractions and among them…our 5 BIG coasters!!!


These coasters have huge personalities and they’re all competing for your attention, so let’s remind ourselves of what makes them so fabulous…



Built in 2002 by Intamin, this was the coaster that put us on the thrill-seeking map. A Colossus is something or someone of tremendous size and power and with a 100ft drop into a range of intense inversions, Colossus more than lives up to its name.


At the time of its construction, Colossus held the world record for the most inversions of any coaster, 10 to be precise! Colossus can be found amongst the overgrown ruins of The Lost City.


Nemesis Inferno

Younger brother to Nemesis at Alton Towers, Inferno takes you on an exhilarating ride through the jungle and into the heart of a volcano!


Built in 2004 by Bolliger & Mabillard, Nemesis Inferno is characterised by its inverted design and is the only inverted coaster to feature interlocking corkscrews on the same track. Can you stand the heat?   



Launching guests at 80mph to over 200ft into the air, Stealth is an unforgettable experience…


A ride on this high-octane beast is a baptism of fire for thrill-seekers and we believe that if you can handle the intense speed and dizzying height, you can handle almost anything! 3…2…1…GO, GO, GO!


Saw: The Ride

Do you want to play a game? With horrifying ties to the Saw film franchise, we only advise the bravest of riders to take on the frights and thrills of Saw: The Ride!


Saw begins in a dark, claustrophobic warehouse, full of Jigsaw’s twisted contraptions. When you finally think you’ve escaped to the safety of the outside world, that’s when the real games begin. A vertical climb takes you to the crest of a beyond vertical drop into a blood-splattered spinning saw blade. Live or Die…the choice is yours.



With some of the most impressive set pieces across the whole park, THE SWARM is our swooping and diving ride through the devastation left by an extra-terrestrial attack!

A Bolliger & Mabillard wing coaster, THE SWARM is a surprisingly elegant flight through graceful inversions and near-miss elements.


But don’t let the smooth experience fool you. Dropping from 127ft through the wreckage of a crashed aircraft and smashing your way through a billboard will soon make you question your life choices… 



So now that we’re all a little more informed, take to our Facebook and Twitter to vote for your Coaster King of THORPE PARK Resort 2018!





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