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Farewell 2016

  • Monday November 7th 2016
  • Jordan

Woah, where the HELL did that season go? As they always seem to, this one has absolutely zoomed by! Ghost Trains, FRIGHT NIGHTS, riding into the sunset and moments Like No Other. The Island really has been a spectacular place to be in 2016. But don’t take our word for it, we wanted to divulge some of the more…unusual stats from this season that highlight what a weird and wonderful place THORPE PARK Resort is! So without further ado here are the achievements you unlocked this year…


Farewell 2016

Munched your way through:

-Over 50,000 hot dogs. Laid end to end these would reach over 10k!

-Enough Pick ‘n’ Mix to fill two articulated lorries

-15kg of BBQ bugs at Bush BBQ

-Slurped down over 5,000 litres of soft drinks

-Used over 675 miles of toilet paper – enough to reach from the dome here at THORPE PARK Resort to the entrance of our German sister park Heide Park Resort!

-Experienced 1,600 mind-blowing VIP Experiences

Safe to say, we’re pretty exhausted, but we’ve had an absolute blast and can’t wait to have you all back in 2017 to do it all over again!

Until next time Islanders,


Official THORPE PARK Resort Blogger


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