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Getting Over The January Blues

  • Tuesday January 15th 2019
  • Michael

There is so much jammed into the last quarter of the year!

As soon as the leaves start turning those beautiful shades of red and orange, we know that FRIGHT NIGHTS is on our doorstep. After a month of scares, we’re rewarded with bonfire night and as Santa shaped chocolate has been in the shops for six weeks by this point, Christmas and New Years are not far off.


And then, nothing…


Now apologies, if you have a birthday or an anniversary, but let’s be honest, January sucks!

What is there to look forward to?! Especially with a couple of months until the 2019 season opens. If only there were some suggestions…


Get off your butt!

Exercise related resolutions are amongst the most popular and often the quickest to be forgotten.

Yes, it’s cold outside and the temptation will be to curl up on the sofa with a blanket, grab mug of tea and binge some Netflix, but this is such a great time of year to get out of the house.

The air is crisp and fresh and really, is there anything better in life than a warm pub lunch after a refreshing winter hike?


Shop 'till You Drop

The January sales are in full swing so why not give yourself a bit of retail therapy? This is also a great time of year to stock up on 2019 festive supplies. Look out for massive reductions on 2018 Christmas stock! Who’s really going to notice/care if you picked up your wrapping paper for a fraction of the price in the bargain bin?  


New Year, New You

Forget juice detoxes and fad diets - have a good old clean out of your house this January instead! Getting rid of clutter can be therapeutic and calming. Plus, it makes room for important things like giant stuffed animals (hint hint!)


Join the Jet Set!

Can’t get over the blues in the UK? We understand, people crave sunnier shores and January is a super popular time to book a holiday. Loads of airlines are offering cheap flights throughout January. Or why not grab a long-weekend city break or a week on a beach to look forward to? There’s a ton of online deals, and we hear there’s a fabulously thrilling tropical Island not too far away from Staines with a great Early Bird Offer going on at the moment if you book now!

But who’re we kidding, we’re feeling the crunch as much as anyone – how many months long is the month of January again? January? Should be renamed ‘Misery’ if you ask us. Only 74 days until opening day, it’ll fly by right?




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