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How to Survive 12 Hours at Thorpe Park

  • Tuesday August 7th 2018
  • Mike

For most people, 12 hours in a theme park is a dream come true! Hour after hour of thrills, chills and laughs.

Others aren’t that fussed. Those people are wrong and you shouldn’t be friends with them…

It may seem daunting when you arrive and walk over the bridge and see the coasters looming in the distance. With over 30 rides and attractions, how can you possibly fit it all in!?

Follow our trusty guide to surviving 12 hours at Thorpe Park and we’ll make sure you get the best from your day ;)

The early bird catches THE SWARM…

To get the most from your day, make sure you arrive bright and early…before the park opens. You may want to book online and have your ticket sent to you by email. These can be scanned in our turnstiles from your phones for easy access to the park!

Back to basics…

We get that you’re excited, the temptation will be to jump on the nearest ride to the entrance but be patient! Make your way to the back of the parkand work your way forwards. You may have 12 hours, but there’s nothing better than arriving at a ride and seeing ‘5 Minutes’ on the queue board! Also, jump on the water rides earlier in the day. In this weather, you’ll dry off in no time. Better than ruining your car seats on the way home…

A colossal appetite...

There’s a wide range of tasty grub across the park. Choices include but are not limited to hot dogs, kebabs, pizza, Mexican and loads more. Something for even the fussiest of eaters!

The hunt is on…

They say you should always hunt zombies on a full stomach, so after lunch why not check out our fantastic new attraction…Zombie Hunt! Take down the undead with laser blasters and save the Island from a full-on Living Nightmare! You can book tickets here.

Game for a laugh…

We’ve got loads of games on the resort and a ton of prizes to win. Contrary to popular belief, theme park games are totally legit and the game hosts will happily give you a demonstration (because they love showing off).

Why not take a break from the thrills and have a go at winning a cuddly toy for that special someone you’re trying to impress. And remember, a giant stuffed dog is for life, not just for a day at a theme park.

Snack attack…

Hunting zombies is exhausting work! Luckily, there are loads of places to get a tasty morsel to keep your energy levels up for the rest of your day. Check out The Donut Factory for an extravagant take on one of your favourite desserts, or if you prefer something to cool you down in this gorgeous weather, see ice cream made from magic at Nitrogenie!

Retail therapy…

Why not grab a souvenir of your day! Cute pin badges, clothing, mugs… There’s so much to choose from to help you remember your day.

Get grafting…

You’d be a mug to miss out on Love Island Lates. Our beach has been transformed into the villa, complete with selfie wall, beach games and of course, the iconic fire-pit. Why not grab a signature cocktail and some beach BBQ and dance to some absolute bangers from our resident DJ while the sun sets over the Island. Perfect for the Instagram. Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6pm!

Sweet dreams…

And before you know it, 10pm has rolled round. The queue lines are closing and the beach party is winding down. Luckily, you’ve booked a room in the shark hotel. You get a second day on park, Fastrack until 11am and a free breakfast all included in the price of your stay, it’s a JAWSOME deal.

Trust us 12 hours will go by faster than a ride on Stealth ;)




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