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How To Take The Perfect Instagram Picture

  • Tuesday May 2nd 2017
  • Jordan

We all know that in today’s age of social media and the fact that you’ve got a pretty powerful camera in your pocket in the form of your phone, no day out is complete without a few prize snaps to let everyone know what a fab time you’ve had! But ever notice how some people seem to manage to get professional quality looking pics taken on their phones and wondered how the heck they managed it? We’re here to bust that secret wide open with our tips for taking the perfect Instagram pic! Counting down…

How To Take The Perfect Instagram Pic


Did you know you can actually get extra lenses that clip onto your phone to give your photos that extra professional edge? Yep, it’s true! You can grab them from eBay for as little as 99p and they include everything from fisheye lenses to macro lenses for those extra detailed close ups. They can be a little bit fiddly and time consuming but definitely worth it for the pay off!


Photo Editing Apps

Let’s face it, everybody is partial to a cheeky photo edit before uploading a pic onto the Internet. It’s why everything and everyone looks so good – nothing really looks as good as it does on Instagram! Here’s a breakdown on a couple of our favourites:


Includes everything from brightening and editing image saturation to cropping, rotating and everything else inbetween.


Every wondered how everybody’s skin looks so flawless and their eyes and teeth pop in selfies on Instagram? Chances are they’re using Facetune – it’s the ultimate tool for the perfect selfie! You can pretty much change your entire face if you’re that way incline, but perfect for editing out those bags under your eyes from getting up at the crack of dawn for an exhausting day at a theme park.

Big Lens

Get all the effects of a professional SLR Camera with this nifty little app. It’s got lots of cool features, but the one it’s known for is the blurry background tool. Just select the area you want to blur and edit away. The perfect way to give that professional finish to your snap.



Good lighting is everything in a photo. Use natural light where possible, make sure you’re facing away from the sun to avoid glare and shadows ruining your shot and if all else fails, head to one of the above apps and tweak the lighting to make it perfect!



Half the effort of getting a good picture is waiting. Get yourself into position and don’t give up until you’ve waited for the perfect moment to nab the shot! Especially true for theme park photography – wait for that coaster to align perfectly and the pay-off of the great picture you’ll get will make the hanging around worth it. Also a great way to pass the time in queues!



Sounds like the most obvious thing to some, but making sure your image is in focus can be the difference between an OK picture and an excellent picture! Try where possible to keep absolutely still – if you can, find a flat surface to balance your phone on or even invest in a mini-tripod if you want to get a bit more technical. Most phones allow you to get your image in focus by tapping on the thing you want to stand out the most, so make sure you get this all aligned before hitting that snap button!

And there we have it, one perfect Instagram photo! The Island is full of interesting and unique photographs just waiting to be captured, so get out there and get snapping, and don’t forget to tag @thorpeparkofficial so we can check out your work!

Until next time Islanders,


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