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How Wet Do You Get On Tidal Wave?

  • Tuesday August 1st 2017
  • Jordan

Tidal Wave Water Ride Splash

How wet do you get on Tidal Wave? Ah, that age old question. Probably one of our most asked questions on social media, behind ‘what’s the best ride?’ and ‘why do you keep tweeting weird GIFs?’ Usually our answer is: very. Because it’s true, you do get very, VERY wet. But that got us thinking. How wet DO you get on Tidal Wave? We had a little time on our hands, so we brushed off our calculators and did a little good old fashioned maths.

So, to figure out how wet you get on Tidal Wave, we need to know the following:


- How much a boat full of people weighs

- How much water that will displace


A Tidal Wave boat is a pretty hefty piece of kit. 3000kg in fact. Add twenty of you guys weighing an average of 70kg to that and you’re looking at 4400kg of thrillseeker!

But how much water will that displace? On average, 1kg of Tidal Wave boat/person will displace 0.975 litres of freshwater at standstill. So based on that, we need to divide that 4400kg boat by 1.025 to get our answer:


Divide that by the twenty of you riding, and that’s a shirt-wringing 215 litres per person. About 2.7 bathtubs if you’d prefer, dumped directly onto your head!

But of course, things are a little more erratic that that. If we take it into account the speed of the boat, then things do get a little more interesting. Tidal Wave descends at a speed of 72km/h, or 20m/s. Multiply that by the weight of the boat and we can work out the momentum too:

4400 x 20 = 88000

Once the boat hits, the actual tidal wave is created in about a second causing a force of 88000N to be transferred to the water - which makes us think that with that extra oomph you’ll get even wetter! But then of course, we have to take into account the water that isn’t landing on YOUR head but rather soaking the poor souls waiting for their Instagram snap on the bridge or strolling unknowingly below. So with that in mind we’d like the think that evens it out!

There you go then: how wet do you get on Tidal Wave?

Short answer – very

Proper answer – the equivalent of 2.7 bathtubs of water

Better double check you’ve brought that change of clothes then!

Until next time Islanders,


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