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Hyperia Returns: Find Your Fearless This Summer

  • Tuesday June 11th 2024
  • Charlotte
  • Hyperia, Find Your Fearless

Hyperia Returns Blog List Image June 2024

After a thrilling quest, our glowing and golden Goddess, Hyperia, the UK's tallest, fastest and most weightless rollercoaster is making her triumphant return to the most thrilling theme park in the UK tomorrow, Wednesday 12th June! 

The Comeback of a Legend 

The legend returns! Inspired by the mythical daughter of an ancient River God, Hyperia embodies a tale of triumph over fear. This legendary figure defied her doubts and conquered the unknown, a narrative woven into every twist and turn of this incredible rollercoaster. As you prepare to forge your wings of steel, you’re not just riding a theme park rollercoaster, you’re stepping into a story of courage and determination. 

Feel the Fearlessness 

Belief. Hope. Power. The legend of Hyperia, our golden Goddess is reignited. Nestled within Thorpe Park’s Fearless Valley, Hyperia is ready to welcome riders eager to find their fearless on the UK’s fastest rollercoaster. As you take your seat, a surge of adrenaline washes over you, the anticipation builds, and your wings of steel are ready to be forged. With every loop, swoop and dive, Hyperia challenges you to leave doubt behind and embrace your courage, making you feel fearless and invincible. Hyperia, the best rollercoaster in the UK, is not just about the thrill; it’s about discovering what it means to Find Your Fearless.  

Find Your Fearless 

This summer, make your way to Thorpe Park to experience the triumphant and tallest rollercoaster in the UK, Hyperia! Buckle up, hold on tight and prepare to conquer the UK's tallest, fastest and most weightless rollercoaster this summer. 


Hyperia is ready for you to Find Your Fearless! Are you? 


Until next time👋 



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