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Introducing: Stephanie Campion

  • Tuesday December 11th 2018
  • Michael


We bumped into Stephanie Campion, a Health and Safety Advisor at THORPE PARK. Steph and the rest of the H&S team are busy all year round making sure we are as safe as possible. She talked us through the role of Health and Safety at the Resort and where it rates in importance to us. 

TP: Hi there Steph! Tell us a bit about yourself...

SC: I’m here for all your Health and safety needs! I came from Alton Towers as a rides host and operator, then became a Health and Safety Co-ordinator after my IOSH training, which sparked a *controlled* safety flame in me and since then, I’ve progressed to Advisor!


TP: What’s IOSH?

SC: It’s a qualification in managing safely.


TP: Ah ok. So what makes up the bulk of your work?

SC: During winter we’re looking over and renewing our policies and putting new policies out there. Looking after contractors as we have several on site at the moment. It’s a busy period, so we’re making sure they’re approved. And really, just advising people, which I know sounds strange but people approach us and trust us to give them the right knowledge to go about their job safely.


TP: When you’re out and about on the Resort, what are you looking out for from a Health and Safety point of view?

SC: A variety of things but generally, we’re looking to see that people are doing what they’re meant to be doing and nothing glaringly obviously against our policies. We’re looking out for any hazards or things we might not have noticed or picked up on before and making sure that anything that has been flagged to us has be rectified.


TP: It’s good to know that there are people on the ground constantly looking out for our safety. Where would you rate Health and Safety in importance at THORPE PARK?

SC: Number one!


TP: Steph, thank you for your time and thank you for looking out for us!


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