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The Instagrammer’s Guide to Thorpe Park

  • Tuesday June 25th 2019
  • Michael

Thorpe Park Instagram Guide

Thorpe Park Resort is a thing of beauty. No really, it’s gorgeous! We have one of the most thrilling skylines of any park around the world. Don’t believe us? Check out our Instagram and give it a follow! In fact, the Island is so alive with energy that there’s limitless potential to take a great shot that no-one else will have captured.

Check out our list of locations which we know will make your Instagram look super cute :)

Welcome Arch

The perfect place to strike FOMO into the hearts of your friends. Grab a shot here to start your day and your social story.

Ducks Waddling In Front Of Park Entrance

Dome Vista

Woah…Stepping out of The Dome and onto the Resort, you can see why we boast about our skyline. A tantalising mix of theming, lush plants and trees and of course, iconic rides! Get the full effect with a steady panoramic shot, making sure you stay level with the horizon. We’d advise Storm Surge as a starting point and Depth Charge as your end.

Entrance Balcony View Of Theme Park

Swarm Plaza

The location of the UK’s only wing coaster, Swarm plaza isn’t just full of carnage but also great photo opportunities!

That crashed plane; not just authentic theming but a real aircraft that was flying two weeks before it was brought to Thorpe Park to be used on The Swarm! Grab an awesome shot of the coaster diving at full speed under the plane’s wing.  

The Swarm Rollercoaster Track With Stealth In The Background

Tidal Wave Splash

The movement of the wave through the air and over the exit bridge make for a fantastic shot. Experiment with this location! Have a go at a well-timed boomerang, panoramic or slow-motion shot. Just…make sure you’re not standing in the splash zone!

Tidal Wave Water Ride Splash

Stealth Plaza

The plaza that’s home to the UK’s fastest roller coaster is a selfie paradise and dripping with fantastic 1950s theming! The station and photo collection point look like a set from Grease and the tyres and print posters, straight out of Back to the Future!

The ride entrance features a huge tyre set-piece, perfect for the old IG as it gives character and context to your day out. And if you’re looking for a new Instagram wall, check out the mural just under the launch, next to the queue line entrance.

Stealth Rollercoaster Plaza With The Swarm Rollercoaster In The Background

Sunken Garden

Hidden away behind Stealth, the Sunken Garden is a piece of paradise away from the mad thrills found on the Island. This is an Instagrammer’s dream come true, combining the hard steel of our fantastic coasters with the beauty of nature makes for a compelling shot. There’s also some great angles of Stealth and The Swarm to be found amongst the flowers. Check it out!

Stealth Rollercoaster, with a tree in focus in front of it

Nemesis Inferno Entrance

The name may be hot but this coaster is as cool as ice. Yeah there’s the steaming volcano and lush jungle but for Instagram pros, why not grab a shot of Inferno’s interlocking corkscrews? These babies are the only interlocking corkscrews on the same track of any inverted coaster anywhere in the world and they look AWESOME! Pretty central in the park, this is a great location for a video to sum up your day on the Island Like No Other.

Nemesis Inferno Interlocking Corkscrews

Colossus Hill

The whole area that Colossus lies in was themed and landscaped specifically for the ride. Part of this project was a hill that goes over the track. Leading up to the top of this hill are fantastic angles of our 10-looping beauty, specifically the chance to capture many of the rides varied inversions in one shot. When you’ve come off Colossus and picked up your photo, take a look to your right just as you’re walking out the shop and you’ll see a perfect square window with a fab view of the airtime hill after the vertical loop.

Colossus Rollercoaster Inversion

Samurai Entrance

Grab a pic of Samurai mid-swing and try and time it with a Saw carriage whizzing round in the background for the perfect multi ride shot!

Saw The Ride Rollercoaster & Samurai

Shark Hotel Shark Mouth

Staying at the Shark Hotel? Why not grab a fun shot of the gaping jaws of the entrance to our quirky accommodation!

Thorpe Shark Cabins Entrance Feature

These are just a handful of the locations to get an awesome pic of the Island. Have a wander round and discover the next great photo opportunity for yourself! Happy snapping ;)




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