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The Safe Zone needs you. REWARD INSIDE

  • Friday May 4th 2018
  • James

Apocalypse Weekends, 12th May to the 24th June. Download the Thorpe Park App, Complete mission : Survive. Claim your free ticket, and get an exclusive pop badge for annual pass holders.


Apocalypse Weekends are nigh and we’re here to give you the lowdown on how you can join the crusade and help us in our vital quest to get supplies to the Safe Zone.

We need you to collect provisions as supplies are running low at the THORPE PARK Safe Zone, so we’re setting you an assignment of utmost importance. The survivors at the Safe Zone are in peril dealing with the onslaught of walkers at The Walking Dead: The Ride and they need your help!

Marked out on your map will be five crucial locations where there will be supplies waiting for you to scan and collect using our THORPE PARK Resort App. You’ll  then need to make your way to the Safe Zone to check in to the final stop of the campaign and claim your reward!

In exchange for the supplies Dylan and the survivors will grant you a free return trip to the Island Like No Other (in September) PLUS if you’re an Annual or Local Passholder  you also get an exclusive limited edition Apocalypse Weekends pop badge to display with pride to show the world that you’ve helped defeat the walkers and replenish the Safe Zone.

Grab your map and brace yourselves as you join the campaign to rid the Island of its walker infestation and protect the Safe Zone at all costs.

Mission: Survive is underway. Your briefing is simple: scour the Island for supplies, deliver them to the Safe Zone and prevent the possibility of an all-out walker outbreak Successfully execute your assignment and defend the Safe Zone. Good luck survivors!

Apocalypse Weekends are every weekend from 12th May til the 24th June ONLY.  Don’t miss out!

Meet you at the Safe Zone…



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Latest information regarding Coronavirus

Further to recent updates from the Government on the response to the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, we have taken the very difficult decision to close Thorpe Park Resort until further notice.

Have a short break booked when the Resort is closed?
Following the latest Government guidelines (issued on 10th May), and given the continued uncertainty about when we will be able to reopen, we are now asking guests with short breaks booked between 1st June up to and including 3rd July to move your booking free of charge (subject to availability). Please visit the Manage My Booking site to rearrange your booking.

Have a Park ticket pre-booked when the Resort is closed?
If you have booked a ticket to visit Thorpe Park Resort during the closure period your ticket will be valid for use on any date during the 2020 season (excluding FRIGHT NIGHTS and pre-advertised closed dates as outlined on our website). Further information for guests with pre-booked and promotional tickets will be published on our website prior to opening.

We are determined to be here for you, your friends and your family offering otherworldly thrills and helping you create fantastic memories as we have done for decades and will continue to do for many more.

We’ll be sharing our full plans soon. In the meantime, please keep smiling, clapping and supporting each other. See you soon!

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