Tuesday 12 December 2017

The Sound of the Island

After months of hard work and a long project redeveloping the acoustic landscape of the Island we are very proud to present the THORPE PARK Resort Island Soundtrack, in collaboration with the always awesome IMAscore!

This soundtrack CD is the audible result of a close collaboration between the team of THORPE PARK Resort and the German music production studio IMAscore. Starting in 2015 with the soundtrack of “Derren Brown’s Ghost Train”, the collaboration continued for the infamous FRIGHT NIGHTS maze “The Big Top” in 2016, and reached its temporary climax in 2017 with the production of soundtracks for areas all around the park. This collaboration has completely modernised and transformed the soundscape of THORPE PARK Resort by really bringing the Island narrative to life!

This CD wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of all creatives involved from both parties. During the production of each piece of music, the goal was always to create something unique that fits naturally with its environment whilst taking into account THORPE PARK Resort’s rich history and iconic soundtracks – something people will always connect from their very personal experiences and memories - and incorporating these into the new soundscape.

You can grab yours here, just in time for Christmas!

We wish you an exciting journey through some of THORPE PARK Resort’s most famous soundtracks. See you soon on the Island Like No Other!

Until next time Islanders,


Official THORPE PARK Resort Blogger

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