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  • Monday August 22nd 2016
  • Jordan

Family Walking Through Jungle Area Of The Theme Park

People with kids don’t know what it means when you say summer is coming! (think Game of Thrones, white walkers).

We thought it would be lay-ins and pretty much a holiday for mum and dad. Apparently NOT the case.  After a quick chat with mums on park, we heard the summer holidays is a time when parents take on a full-time career as event planners, entertainers, mobile vending machines and nurses. And that’s only week one of six!

The main thing we heard from the parents on park was the only shared fun = sleep time. So we did some searching and have found the top 20 activities for older children/ teens that are fun for both parents and kids – because at the end of the day you deserve some summer fun too!:)

On the Road (£)

1.  Gorilla Circus

Age: 8+

Check out the Gorilla Circus where you can learn how to fly at a trapeze school in Regents Park. Open until September 2016. Students warm up on low bar before attempting a trick on the Flying Trapeze and at the end of the course get caught by an instructor on a separate swinging bar. Prices start from £24 and they mention some of their youngest students are 8 years old, and adults can go to.




Age: suitable for all ages

Speed up the fun and visit a theme park (hint hint). At THORPE PARK Resort you can try out Derren Brown’s Ghost Train over this summer in addition to over 30 rides and attractions including the nation’s fastest launch rollercoaster Stealth, which travels at 0-80mph in under 2.3 seconds. Our maximum height restriction on all rides is 1.4m (so the average height of a 10 year old). From rollercoasters, to water rides, a beach and flat rides, there is plenty for every member of the family to enjoy. Book a ticket for £27.99 if you book online five days in advance of your visit.



3. Flyboarding in Docklands

Age: 16

Head to the docklands for a Flyboarding experience - a piece of aquatic magic. You stand on a fly board in the water which is connected to a jet ski via a 10 meter thrusting tube. Water pressure is added allowing you to fly on water. This experience is suitable for ages 16 and over - so both you and your children can get involved and each have an exhilarating experience.  London prices start at £129. You receive full training and a safety briefing as well as equipment before you take flight.



4. Junior Super Car Driving Day at Brands Hatch

Age: 11+

If your child loves speed check out these super car days for 11 – 16 years olds at Brands Hatch. If they can touch the pedals, they can drive one of the coolest cars on the planet.  Choose from an Aston Martin, a Lamborghini, McLaren, Porsche and Ferrari. The driving sessions are carried out under the guidance of a fully qualified ADI/ARDS instructor. So while mum or dad are taking part in the adult drives, the young ones will be the envy of all of his/her friends as they hit the track.



5. Hydrospeeding in Waltham Cross

Age: 12+

Invite your kids to jump into the rapids at Lee Valley holding onto your hydrospeed as you surf the water – a fun and exhilarating experience. Prices start from £25 per person.



At Home

6. Britain’s Got Talent: The Home Edition

Pile into the garden on a hot summer’s eve and host your very own version of Britain’s Got Talent – nan and grandad can judge and the winner chooses the next family adventure


7. Family Olympics

- Pick your teams and prepare for the ultimate in backyard ceremonies

- The Javelin: with mum’s wooden spoons

- Egg and Spoon race: Because it wouldn’t be family Olympics without it

- The hurdles: over dad’s shed tools

- The one-legged sprint: hop it

- Shot put: using water bombs and family members as targets

- Freestyle: make up your own event


8. Summer Photo Album 2016 

Take a pic of each day and wrap up your six weeks of summer into one album so it doesn’t feel like the summer holidays are over too soon once the kids are back at school. Why not make one each year and store your memories?


9. Fancy Mess – Fancy Dress gone wrong

- Invite the family round for a summer BBQ

- With one dress code, the children make the parent’s outfits

- Remember the plus here: you still get to decide what gran and gramps wear

- Kids fancy dress is optional, of course!

10.  Twister with a difference – shaving foam and food dye. Warning! Will stain clothes 

- Grab a Twister board and fill the spots with shaving foam and use food dye to make the shaving foam the colour of each spot

- Warning! Wear old clothes as the food dye will stain

- Also fill up a paddling pool nearby and have the garden hose on standby so the aftermath of the game isn’t trodden through the house

- It is your responsibility to avoid any sensitive areas.


If you have any suggestions, let us know and send us your pictures with #ThorpeBucketList.

Say it with us now: ‘BEST. SUMMER. EVER!’

Until next time Islanders,


Official THORPE PARK Resort Blogger


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