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  • Monday August 15th 2016
  • Jordan

We’ve all been there; all geared up for an awesome day out that requires a bit of a drive and all of a sudden you come to a halt (usually in the M25 car park!). We know social media has kind of eliminated a lot of the boredom that used to come with the dreaded traffic jam, but that’s only if you’re the passenger! So we have come up with a list of old school ‘Like No Other’ Road Trip games. So put those phones away, save your data and get bonding…

The Number Plate Game

1. The Number Plate Game

-          Take the last three letters of a number plate you can see nearby

-          Think of a word that includes all of the letters

-          First person to think of a word wins!

Advanced: try and think of a word that has all of the letters in order

20 Questions Car Game

2. 20 Questions

-          Choose a category e.g. rides at Thorpe Park!

-          Choose something that falls into this category

-          Players ask up to 20 questions to try and guess what the player is thinking of

-          You can only ask ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions!

Advanced: Eliminate the category so players can literally think of ANYTHING!

The Memory Game Car Game

3. Memory Game

Everybody seems to have a different name for this one, but they all follow the same basic principle! 

-          Start with ‘I went to the market and I bought…’ and name the first thing you think of

-          The next player then repeats the first item and then adds their own

-          Everybody takes turns until somebody forgets, in which case, boom, they’re out!

-          Last man standing wins!

Advanced: Pick a category – this limits the items you can list and is more likely to catch players out! We’ll start you off: ‘I went to Thorpe Park and I…’

Who's Next Door? Car Game

4. Who’s Next Door

This one has the opportunity to get really wild and test your creative sides. And also show how weird you are depending on what you come up with!

-          Look outside your window and pick a person

-           Spin a story of what kind of person they are and what kind of life they lead – the more detailed the better!

The car you’ve chosen may wonder why you all laugh hysterically whenever they pass by but whatever, you’re never going to see them again right?

Advanced: Select three things the player MUST include in their story – the crazier the better!

Would I Lie To You? Car Game

5. Would I Lie To You?

How well do you really know the people you’re travelling with? The aim of the game is to figure out which of three statements is a lie!

-          Say three things about yourself, two truths and one lie

-          Players can interrogate you with up to 20 questions

-          Players must decide which statement is true and which is a lie

-          If they guess correctly, everybody gets a point! If they do not guess correctly you gets three points

Advanced: No interrogation allowed!

Alphabetical Categories Car Game

6. Alphabetical Categories

The ultimate game of last man standing! The aim is to be the last player left when nobody else can think of an answer.

-          Choose a category

-          Take it in turns to give answers that fit into the category

-          If you can’t think of an answer, you’re out!

-          Last man standing wins

Advanced: The narrower the category the better, so you’ll really have to get your thinking caps on!

The Name Game Car Game

7. The Name Game

You need to think on your feet – and fast! The goal is to be the last one left playing.

-          Say the name of a celebrity

-          Player to your left has to say another celebrity whose name begins with the last letter of the previous name mentioned

-          Keep going – if you can’t think of one, you’re out!

-          Say a celeb whose first and last names begin with the same letter and change the direction of play!

Advanced: choose a category of celebs to eliminate, eg. No football players

The Movie Game Car Game

8. Movie Game

Car full of movie buffs? Put their knowledge to the test by connecting film stars with the films they’ve been in.

-          Say the name of an actors

-          Next player says the name of a film they’ve been in

-          Following person then says another actor who stars in that film

-          Player after says has to say a different film the actor has been in

-          If somebody is wrong, they’re out!

Advanced: pick a genre to stick to

Horse! Car Game


So simple, yet so competitive. We take no responsibility for the heated gameplay this one will result in. Super simple rules:

-          Anytime you see a horse, shout HORSE!

-          When you reach your final destination the person with the most points wins

Storytime Car Game

10. Storytime

Mainly for those with the gift of the gab – the aim of the game is to just keep going!

-          Tell a story without stopping for 60 seconds

-          If you pause or lose your place, you’re out!

-          Continue until one chatterbox wins

Advanced: Up the time limit to two minutes to really put the pressure on!

Hopefully our list now has you well-equipped to tackle even the longest of car journeys! Are there any we missed? What are you favourites? Share them with us below in the comments!

Until next time Islanders,


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