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  • Monday July 11th 2016
  • Jordan

We are incredibly pleased to announce that Derren Brown's Ghost Train is now departing from Thorpe Junction. We're sure you've seen plenty of facts and figures about our now infamous floating Victorian train carriage, but we thought we'd go one step further and delve into some Derren-style Easter Eggs hidden within the attraction itself. Brace yourself to depart reality with these mind bending facts...

Derren Brown's Ghost Train Exterior

1. 1871

Ever notice that our Victorian warehouse is dated 1871? This is a clever nod to the curator himself, Derren Brown, whose birth year is 1971! We just took off 100 years to give it a bit more of a Victorian edge.

Derren Brown's Ghost Train Tube Station Platform

2. The power of suggestion

Ever feel there's more about Derren within the attraction than first meets the eye? That's because there are little hints to Derren's previous work slipped in where you might least expect it! See those posters on the tube carriage you board? Read them again and you'll see what we mean!

Derren Brown's Ghost Train Fracking Posters

3. What the frack?

From anti-fracking posters to chanting protesters, this attraction takes lots of its narrative inspiration from fracking. How many references can you spot throughout? Hint: they start in the queueline!

Derren Brown's Ghost Train Shop, Heads In Jars

4. Leaving your mark

Every person who worked on the Ghost Train has been so passionate about this project that they've decided to leave their mark on it forever! For the eagle-eyed among you, pay extra attention to all of the hidden details: Figment, Simworx and even Derren himself are among some of the manufacturer names you'll find hidden in the darkness.

Derren Brown's Ghost Train, Hanging Train Doors

5. No end and no beginning

We've said all along that this Ghost Train will mess with your mind, and in no place is this more apparent than when you're boarding our suspended Victorian carriage. But how did that mind-blowing stuff just happen without you ever leaving the room? Unfortunately that's too big a secret for even us to reveal, and as Derren says, it's a lot more fun if you don't know what's coming!


Until next time Islanders,


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