Derren Brown's Ghost Train

NOW OPEN, a WORLD'S FIRST one-of-a-kind experience like you have never seen before arrives at THORPE PARK Resort. Re-invented for the 21st century, this ghost train will blow your mind!

Crafted by the master of mind control, Derren Brown, this one-of-a-kind 13-minute theme park experience will be the world’s only fully immersive psychological attraction designed to manipulate the human mind.

At the heart of the island you discover a disused warehouse. As you enter a seemingly innocent Victorian train carriage, it soon becomes clear as sights and sounds fill your senses, that you will come face-to-face with what lies at the end of the line.

Prepare to board a ghost train re-invented for the 21st century that will leave you questioning where perception ends and reality begins.

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Ghost Train
reinvented for the 21st Century

suspended 3 metres above the ground and 26 metres wide

World's First
fusing together five multi-sensory experiences into one attraction

Best in Class Tech
Vive virtual reality headsets

10 - 15 minutes

Seats per Train

Purpose-Built Warehouse
2306 square metres

Build Time
3 years

Over 1000 people involved in the concept design and build

The Next Generation of Theme Park Experience
4D, grand illusion, live action, special effects and transportation of your body and mind.

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