Detonator: Bombs Away

Get a bird’s eye view of the Resort at the top of our 100ft drop tower before plunging back to earth at 50mph in this exhilarating, faster than freefall ride experience.

Can I ride?

To ride Detonator: Bombs Away at THORPE PARK Resort you must:

  • be at least 1.3m tall
  • maximum 51 inch torso restriction

For a full list of ride accessibility restrictions click here 

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When it comes back down, you can't feel your legs, it is such a high drop but I think it is a good ride =]

- Dolly Mel,

OMG Such a rush! Its like 5... 4.... 3... and then it leaves without warning! It was going so fast that my butt lifted off the seat! And I thought I was going to smash into the ground!!!! XD

- Jadesola,

AMAZING ride, the suspense at the top kills me. SPOILERS!Easy way to tell when you will drop is listen for a click another click then a hiss of air then you are thrown at gravity's disposal.

- Cameron,
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