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Thorpe Park Annual Pass - Terms and Conditions 

This document sets out the terms and conditions ("Terms") on which we supply the Thorpe Park Annual Pass ("Annual Pass") to you ("Passholder" or "you"). Please read these Terms carefully before you submit your order for any Annual Pass to us. These Terms tell you who we are, what we provide to you under the Annual Pass and other important information.   

We are Merlin Attractions Operations Limited, a company registered in England and Wales, with company number 06272935, trading as Thorpe Park Operations Ltd., and our registered office address is at Link House, 25 West Street, Poole, Dorset BH15 1LD ("Merlin" or "we"). 

These Terms are integral to each Annual Pass and are independent of any other contract. Use of an Annual Pass at the Attraction (as defined in Term 13) is also subject to the regulations of the Attraction, copies of which are available at the Attraction or can be obtained online on the Attraction's website. Please familiarise yourself with these regulations before purchasing your Annual Pass. 

When you place an order for a Annual Pass on the Thorpe Park website, acceptance of your order will take place as soon as we process your payment, at which point a contract will be entered into between you and us and we will also send you an email confirmation ("Confirmation"). We will assign a (order) number to your order and will tell you what it is when we accept your order. It will help us if you can tell us this order number whenever you contact us about your order. Your Annual Pass will be supplied digitally on your confirmation email, and a physical copy can also be collected from the Island Ticket Centre on site. 

Annual Passes are for guests 1.2m and over, guests under 1.2m enter for free. No child or children under the age of 12 will be admitted to the Attraction unless they are accompanied by an adult aged 18 years or over and such child or children whilst on site must always remain under the control or supervision of an adult. 


1. Varieties of Thorpe Park Annual Passes available for purchase: 

  • Gold Thorpe Park Annual Pass 
  • Silver Thorpe Park Annual Pass 

All Annual Passes are purchased as individual Annual Passes. 

Please note that the Discovery Merlin Annual Pass, the Silver Merlin Annual Pass, the Gold Merlin Annual Pass & the Platinum Merlin Annual Pass have their own Terms and Conditions (available at and their issue and use is not governed by these Terms. 

The following sections apply to all Thorpe Park Annual Passes. 


2. Each Annual Passholder will be issued with their own Annual Pass and will be required to supply the following: 

2.1 First name and surname;  

2.2 Date of birth;  

2.3 Residential address;  

2.4 Contact telephone number;  

2.5 Contact email address;  

2.6 Photograph which must be a true likeness of the holder,  

all of which shall be processed in accordance with Term 14. 



The prices of each of the Annual Passes are set out on this link 


4.Purchase Locations 

Annual Passes can be purchased at or at the Attraction. 

4.1 When you purchase an Annual Pass online your digital Annual Pass will be sent to you via email which can then be saved into your phone wallet and is ready to use.A physical card can also be collected from the Island Ticket Centre at the attraction. 

4.2 The purchaser of any Annual Pass must be 18years or over (and if purchasing an Annual Pass on behalf of a minor under 18 years of age the purchaser confirms that they are acting as agent for and on behalf of that minor and confirms that they are providing consent for the processing of the data set out in Term 2 in respect of such minor). 


Minimum Term 

5. Your Annual Pass entitles you to access the Attraction as set out in Term 13 from the date of issue for 12 months (inclusive) during the Attraction’s normal park operating hours, subject to the date exclusions in Term 13.4 (the "Pass Term"). 


Right to cancel 

6. Passes purchased less than 14 days ago are within the cooling off period. In this instance, the passholder should contact customer services.


Fees and Payments 

7. When you purchase an Annual Pass you agree to pay the fee as set out in your order page on the Website in accordance with these Terms. 

8. You should note that your fee may be different from others’ fees because of discounts or promotions offered to others for which you may not be eligible or which are not available at the time of purchase.

9. If your Annual Pass is revoked in accordance with these Terms, your Annual Pass will be permanently deactivated and the Passholder will no longer be eligible to receive any of the benefits of the Annual Pass.

10. Failure to use the Annual Pass or your Annual Pass benefits does not relieve you of responsibility for payment. In addition, regardless of the number of times an Annual Pass is used, there are no refunds on amounts paid for Annual Pass.

11. The Annual Pass can be accepted, subject to relevant restrictions set out in these Terms and the Attraction's regulations, at Thorpe Park Theme Park, located at Thorpe Park, Staines Road, Chertsey, Surrey KT16 8PN referred to as the "Attraction".

12. The Annual Pass will not be valid at any other Merlin attraction. If you turn up to any other attraction, the attraction staff have the right to refuse your entry using your Annual Pass and require you to buy a non-refundable full price ticket for entry into the relevant attraction on that day.

Access based on Annual Pass 

 13.1 An Annual Pass entitles the Passholder to admission to the Attraction during the Pass Term subject to the operating calendars of the Attraction and any applicable exclusion dates that apply at the relevant time. The operating calendar can be found by visiting . The opening and closing dates of the Attraction may be changed by the Attraction during the Pass Term and any part of the rides, events or facilities within the Attraction may be closed, removed or cancelled for maintenance, health and safety and/or other operations reasons set out in the Attraction's regulations or due to special events or private functions. Please check the Attraction opening and closing dates on the Attraction's website and the Annual Pass exclusions and restrictions set out in this Term 13.4 before your visit. 
13.2 For the avoidance of doubt, the full value or any part of the value of the Annual Pass will not be refunded nor will any compensation be payable if the Attraction becomes unavailable during the Pass Term or if any or part of any of the Attraction is closed due to technical, health and safety or other operational reasons or special events or private functions. Passholders are advised to check the Attraction's website for any cancellations or closures and special events (which may have additional costs) taking place on the relevant date and/or time of their proposed visit. Please note that the Attraction is subject to closure due to adverse weather conditions and therefore Passholders are advised to check the Attraction's website before travelling. 
13.3 Annual Pass exclusions 
The Attraction does not accept Annual Pass during specific times of the year and the exact dates on which Annual Pass is not accepted are determined by the Attraction every year. 
13.4 Annual Pass restrictions 
The Annual Pass is subject to some restrictions in usage dates. These restriction dates can be found at 
(a) any themed and/or special events taking place at the Attraction; 
(b) any 'special dates' featured on the Attraction calendar; 
(c) 31st March, 1st April, 5th-6th May, 26th-27th May, 25th-26th August, 26th, 27th-31st October, plus selected 2025 dates for Gold Thorpe Park Annual passes. 31st March, 1st April, 5th-6th May, 26th-27th May, 20th-21st July, 27th-28th July, 3rd-31st August, 1st September, 5th 12th, 19th, 23rd-27th, 30th- 31st October and selected 2025 dates for Silver Thorpe Park Annual passes. This is regardless of the time of entry or departure. 
(d) any other event as determined by Merlin from time to time. 
(e)park closure dates. 

13.5 Rides, attractions within the Attraction, and the Attraction generally are subject to availability and capacity. 
13.6 The Annual Pass does not give access to, and entry is subject to pre-booking in advance of your visit date and also any additional applicable charges such as entrance fees, reservation or pre-booking fees (where applicable), and/or booking fees, for entry into any events or attractions at the Attraction where participation or entry are made subject to additional charges to the charges to enter the Attraction. Such events or attractions to which additional charges apply include for example any concerts, themed and/or special events and theme parks inside the Attraction. Please refer to the Attraction's website for details of the events and attractions to which additional charges apply. Passholders can pre-book by visiting 

13.7 The Annual Pass does not guarantee immediate entry to the Attraction or any event at any time. At events which allocate individual time slots for entry or where pre-booking is available, Passholders are required to book an available timeslot or pre-book their entry in advance in order to guarantee entry to the Attraction or an event, otherwise they will not be permitted entry. Please note that all timeslots are subject to availability and so to guarantee a specific timeslot, booking in advance is strongly recommended. Passholders are able to book an available timeslot online by visiting the Attraction’s website, however a small fee may apply. Where any Passholder has booked a timeslot, the Attraction may ask such Passholder to leave the Attraction at the end of their allocated timeslot. 
13.8 The management of the Attraction reserves the right to refuse admission when the Attraction is at full capacity or otherwise in accordance with the regulations of the Attraction and these Terms. 
13.9 All Passholders are subject to a bag search on entry to the Attraction. Refusal to allow a search may result in access to the site being denied on the date of visit. 
13.10 Height, weight, age restrictions and medical warnings apply to certain rides and attractions. 

14. Discounted entry tickets
14.1 An Annual Pass entitles the Passholder to purchase up to [five] discounted entry tickets for family and friends on selected dates (excluding any secondary attractions including, but not limited to, special events). Such discounted entry tickets are subject to certain restrictions under the Attraction's regulations, further information and details of which can be found at the Attraction's website. The Passholder must be present on the day of the visit and an Annual Pass must be presented upon collection of these tickets which will be sold at such prices as Merlin shall decide from time to time and are subject to availability. Tickets must be booked at least 24 hours in advance of your visit and pre-booking is essential for these tickets. To find out more, please visit the Attraction's website. 

15. Discounted Food and Beverage and Merchandise detailed
15.1 Annual Passholders are entailed to 20% discount in Thorpe Park restaurants food and beverages, and merchandise excluding all third parties, including but not limited to Burger King and KFC. 

16. Use of Annual Pass
16.1 To use an Annual Pass, the Passholder must show the Pass at the admissions office, turnstile, or other authorised entry point of the Attraction. Entry to the Attraction by use of an Annual Pass will only be permitted if a valid Annual Pass can be presented. Failure to present a valid Annual Pass (due to it having been lost, stolen or forgotten) will result in a charge of the "on the day" admission rate applicable to the Attraction, which will be non-refundable. Re-entry to the Attraction on the same day requires a hand stamp which will be given to the Passholder by the Attraction on exit from the Attraction. 
16.2 An Annual Pass will only be valid when it is used and/or presented by the named holder, on dates specified within the Pass terms, and with a valid pre booked visit ticket. The Attraction may refuse entry to any person attempting to use an Annual Pass which is not their own or who is in breach of the pass Terms & Conditions. 
16.3 An Annual Pass will only be valid when it is used and/or presented by the named holder, it displays a clear photograph which must be a true likeness of the named holder, and it is within the Pass Term (as defined in Term 4). Photocopies of an Annual Pass will not be accepted at the Attraction and the Attraction may refuse entry to any person attempting to use an Annual Pass which is not an original. 
For the avoidance of doubt, pass sharing is a breach of these Terms and any attempted use of an Annual Pass by someone other than the photographed and named holder will result in access at the Attraction being refused and, where the Passholder was involved in the sharing of the Annual Pass or failed to keep the Annual Pass in a safe and secure location, this will result in the Annual Pass being revoked. For this reason, you should ensure that the Annual Pass is kept in a safe and secure location where others will not have access to it. 
16.4 The Annual Pass remains the property of Merlin and can be withdrawn at any time. Passholders shall take all reasonable steps to ensure that an Annual Pass is kept secure at all times and any Annual Pass which has been lost, stolen and/or damaged should be reported immediately pursuant to Term 16.6. 
16.5 Annual Pass cannot be sold, loaned or given away to or used by a third party. A Annual Pass will automatically become void without a refund if sold, loaned or given away or if any attempt is made to sell, loan or give it away. 
16.6 Access will be denied to the Attraction and the relevant Passholder's pass revoked, if (i) the Passholder is guilty of fraud or attempted fraud in respect of the Annual Pass, (ii) there is misuse of the Annual Pass in breach of these Terms (e.g. abuse of the Annual Pass benefits); and/or (iii) there is any inappropriate conduct at the Attraction that can have an adverse effect on Merlin or the Attraction if the Passholder's access to the Attraction is admitted. Inappropriate conduct means causing any security or safety concerns, displaying any sign or visible representation of any kind which is, or could reasonably be judged to be, threatening, abusive or insulting to any member of Merlin staff and/or other members of the public visiting the Attraction, or allowing or assisting a third party to attempt to do any of the foregoing or gain unauthorised or improper access to the Attraction with an Annual Pass of which they are not the valid holder. 
16.7 In the event of a lost, stolen and/or damaged Annual Pass, the Passholder should contact Merlin directly to have the relevant Annual Pass blocked. Contact details are set out at Term 2. A replacement Annual Pass can be issued at the Island Ticket Centre. An administration fee of up to £10 will be charged for the re-issue of each lost or damaged Annual Pass The re-issue of stolen Annual Pass will also be subject to the £10 re-issue fee unless the Passholder can provide Merlin with a relevant crime reference number when requesting that the Annual Pass is re-issued. 

17. An Annual Pass cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offer, voucher or advance booking or with any discount or retail/restaurant incentive unless otherwise stated on the Attraction's website. The Passholder is only entitled to the discounts stated in these Terms or such other discounts as made available to Passholders at Merlin's discretion from time to time.

18. Annual Pass are non-refundable. Passes purchased less than 14 days ago are within the cooling off period. In this instance, the passholder should contact customer services.

19. Merlin is entitled, in its absolute discretion, to offer from time-to-time promotional offers for purchasing the Annual Pass at the Attraction, online, or through third party channels.

20. On the presentation of an Annual Pass, Passholders may receive discounts and/or benefits from Merlin and/or third parties where available at the relevant time. Such third parties’ discounts and/or benefits are not guaranteed and subject to change.

21. All Passholders, their family members and friends entering the Attraction by virtue of a discounted entry ticket are required to comply with the booking and entry conditions (including without limitation any restrictions relating to height, weight, age (including the ages for which children are required to be accompanied by an adult) and any medical warnings) set out on Thorpe Park’s Passholders should check the Attraction's website before booking a visit or visiting.

22. If we fail to comply with these Terms, we are responsible for any loss or damage that you suffer provided that such loss or damage is a consequence and foreseeable result of our act or breach of these Terms, and provided that you use all reasonable endeavours to limit such loss and/or damage. Loss or damage is foreseeable if either it is obvious that it will happen or if, at the time the contract was made, both we and you knew it might happen, for example, if you discussed it with us during the ordering process. We do not exclude or limit in any way our liability to you where it would be unlawful to do so.


Provision of Data and Merlin's Processing 

23. In order to implement and manage these Terms and to enable Merlin to comply with its contractual and statutory obligations, Merlin will require to process certain Personal Data relating to each Passholder as set out in Terms 23 to 27 This is detailed in a separate Fair Processing Notice which will be provided to the Passholder under separate cover. For further details on how this may apply in practice, the Passholder may contact Merlin using

24. Each Passholder will be issued with their own Annual Pass and will be required to supply the following data: (a) their first name and surname; (b) their date of birth; (c) their residential address; (d) a contact telephone number; (e) a contact email address; and (f) a photograph which must be a true likeness of the holder, and which must conform to UK passport photo requirements.

25. Where an Annual Passholder has opted-in to receive information about Thorpe Park products and events, Thorpe Park will use the Annual Passholder’s details provided in accordance with Term 2 for marketing purposes for its products and events. If the Annual Passholder wishes to opt out of receiving such information, the Annual Passholder can do so at any time by contactingprivacy@merlinentertainments.bizor by post at Merlin Entertainments Group, Privacy Department, 3 Market Close, Poole, Dorset BH15 Please note this can take up to 10working days.

26. Thorpe Park may from time to time analyse purchase and spending data. This is confidential and will not be made available to external companies and will only be available to other members of the Merlin Entertainments Group of companies.  

27. For the purposes of these Terms, Thorpe Park does not knowingly collect personal information from individuals under the age of 18, except where the parent or guardian has provided express written consent for the relevant minor while purchasing an Annual Pass in respect of that minor.  


Carer Pass and Ride Access Pass 

28. If a disabled person has purchased a Annual Pass and presents at the Attraction documentation demonstrating a disability (for example by producing a doctor's letter setting out the disability, proof of receipt of disability living allowance or a disabled parking badge), that disabled Passholder shall be entitled to a free Carer Pass ("Carer Pass") which enables them to bring their carer into the Attraction with them at no additional cost. A person's sensitive data shall be processed in accordance with Annex A. Carer passes will be issued in physical form once proof of disability has been received by Thorpe Park.

29. A carer pass will be issued where evidence of the disability has been provided by the relevant Passholder at the Attraction ("Carer Pass"). Carer Passes are issued solely at Merlin's discretion and cannot be obtained online or over the phone. Carer Passes will be reviewed annually and a new Carer Pass must be obtained annually. The Carer Pass can be used by any family member, friend or carer of the disabled Passholder who is 14 years or over. Each time a disabled Passholder visits the Attraction with a carer, they shall also supply their Carer Pass in order for the carer to be granted entry. If a disabled Passholder has forgotten their Carer Pass and wishes to have a carer present during their visit to the Attraction Merlin may, at its sole discretion, issue the carer with a day ticket. The Carer Pass entitles the designated carer admission to the Attraction only and does not entitle the designated carer to any other benefit including, but not limited to, privilege packs and their associated contents. Use by the Passholder and/or their carer of either the Annual Pass and/or the Carer Pass in breach of these Terms may result in both the Annual Pass and the Carer Pass being revoked in accordance with Term 16.

30. Whilst a Carer Annual Pass entitles the holder to free admission to the Attraction for one carer, it does not automatically entitle the holder the right to receive a Ride Access Pass. We have partnered with Nimbus Disability to process our Ride Access Pass applications, who will individually assess your needs and determine if you are eligible. You will then be able to collect your Ride Access Pass – which will be valid for three years – on your first visit to Thorpe Park. Once guests have received their ride access pass, they must pre book (at zero cost) their ride access pass for every visit to Thorpe Park. Guests should check before they visit that there is ride access pass capacity available. Failure to pre book a ride access pass visit may result in not being able to use this service on the day of your visit.


Changes and renewals:  

31.1. Thorpe Park is entitled, in its absolute discretion, to change the price payable for its Annual Pass at any time and for any reason and may from time to time offer pricing or promotional offers for purchasing the Annual Pass at Thorpe Park, online, or through third party channels. Please note that Thorpe Park does not price match the price payable for an Annual Pass. If Thorpe Park changes the price payable for its Annual Pass, it will advise Annual Passholders on the Thorpe Park website. For the avoidance of doubt, any changes in pricing will not apply to existing Annual Passes retrospectively.  

31.2. Thorpe Park reserves the right to change these terms at any time.  

31.3. On the presentation of an Annual Pass, Annual Passholders may receive discounts and/or benefits from Thorpe Park and/or third parties. Such discounts and/or benefits are subject to change Thorpe Park is entitled to remove, change and/or withdraw any or all discounts and/or benefits in its absolute discretion at any time and for any reason A list of the current benefits available directly from Thorpe Park can be located at 

31.4. Thorpe Park may send an Annual Passholder a renewal notice before expiry of the term of the any Annual Pass with a reminder for renewal and such discount to the renewal price as Thorpe Park may offer from time to time. Any such offer will be valid for 30days after the Annual Pass has expired and is not valid in conjunction with any other promotion, discount or offer available from time to time. The Annual Passholder must be present in person on renewal or purchased online. Such renewed Annual Pass will be subject to the Annual Pass terms and conditions applicable at the time of renewal and is non-refundable.  


Perks available to all Thorpe Park Annual Passholders.  

The following sections apply to the different Thorpe Park Annual Passes as follows:  

Thorpe Park Gold Annual Pass  

32.1. The Thorpe Park Gold Annual Pass allows entry for either an adult or a child named and photographed on the pass and includes parking.  

32.2. An additional charge will be applied to Special Events tickets and secondary gated attractions, including but not limited to Fright Nights mazes. 

32.3. Free Parking will be applied when leaving the car park.  

32.4. 20% discount in all retail outlets.  

32.5. 20% discount in all restaurants (Excluding Third Party Restaurants).  


Thorpe Park Silver Annual Pass  

32.6. The Thorpe Park Silver Annual Pass allows entry for either an adult or a child named and photographed on the pass.  

32.7. The Thorpe Park Silver Annual Pass is valid on all open days excluding all silver exclusion dates, including but not limited to Bank Holiday Weekends, and School Holidays. 

32.8. An additional charge will be applied to Special Events tickets and secondary gated attractions, including but not limited to Fright Nights mazes. 

32.9. 20% discount in all retail outlets.  

32.10. 20% discount in all restaurants.(Excluding Third Party Restaurants). 


Thorpe Park emails for discounts and offers: 

33. Thorpe Park may notify Annual Passholders, that have opted into receiving such communications, of additional Perks it may have from time to time through promotional emails.

34. Each additional Perk notified up to and including 31/12/2024, will be subject to these Terms and any additional individual terms and conditions as included in the discount emails. Thorpe Park does not guarantee that there will be offers or what kind of offers may be made available as Perks.

35. A Thorpe Park Annual Passholder must subscribe to Thorpe Park’s promotional emails to receive details of these Perks or visit the Thorpe Park website.


Upgrading to a Thorpe Park Annual Pass 

36. Guests may upgrade their day tickets to a Thorpe Park Annual Pass either on the date of visit or via the upgrade email which is sent post visit (please note you must have opted in to email communications to receive).

37. Guests who have opted to upgrade via the upgrade email, this must be redeemed within 28 days after the date of visit to qualify.  


Renewing a Thorpe Park Annual Pass 

38. Guests wishing to renew a Thorpe Park Annual Pass can do so via the Thorpe Park Website.

Passholders can renew a Thorpe Park Annual Pass six weeks before or after the date of expiry to qualify for the renewal rate. Passholders wishing to renew a Thorpe Park Annual Pass after six weeks of expiry must purchase a new Annual Pass at the full advertised price. 

39. These Terms are governed by and construed in accordance with English law.
You can contact us by writing to us at [] or [FAO Customer Services Team, Thorpe Park, Staines Road, KT168PN]. If we must contact you, we will do so using the contact details you provide when you purchase an Annual Pass or updated details that you provide with us during the term of your Annual Pass. 


Annex A – Privacy Statement  

This Privacy Statement ("Statement") sets out the basis on which we process and protect the Personal Information we collect from you.  

Types of Personal Information we may collect from you:  

"Personal Information" refers to information which does or can identify you as an individual. The types of Personal Information that we process is the personal information set out in Term 2:  

We comply with principles of "data minimisation", and only collect the types and volume of Personal Information required to achieve the purposes set out in this Statement.  


Use of Personal Information  

We will use the Personal Information we collect for the purposes of:  

Delivering marketing communications and product news where you have given your consent to such communications; statistical purposes to improve our website, communications and the services we provide to you.; research and statistical analysis; processing purchase orders; and providing and administrating products and services you have requested.  

In the majority of cases, the processing of your Personal Information will be justified on one of the following bases:  

(i) it is provided for in the Thorpe ParkAnnual Pass Terms & Conditions, and therefore necessary to give effect to that contract;  

(ii) it is necessary for us to comply with a legal obligation; or  

(iii) it is in our legitimate interest as a business, and our interests are not overridden by your interests, fundamental rights and freedoms.  

Where you have applied for a Carer Pass, you will have provided sensitive Personal Information (e.g. health information regarding a disability or impairment). The processing of such data will be additionally justified by it being carried out subject to your explicit consent.  


Retention of Personal Information  

Personal Information will not be kept for longer than is necessary for the purpose for which it is processed (which will normally mean after your Annual Pass has expired) and will be retained in accordance with our records management policy.  


Disclosure of your Personal Information  

In order to carry out the purposes outlined above, we may share Personal Information with third parties we have contracted with to provide services.  

Third parties are restricted from using or disclosing your Personal Information except as necessary to perform services on our behalf and are required to comply with applicable legal requirements.  

Furthermore, if required, we may disclose Personal Information in response to official government or regulatory requests; to present physical harm; or in the event of merger or acquisition.  


Transfer of your Personal Information across Borders  

Due to the global nature of our business, the Personal Information we collect may be transferred, processed and stored across geographical borders. For instance, we may transfer Personal Information locally or overseas, including to the European Union, United States, Australia and Singapore and other locations where we have business operations and where our data processing agents may perform duties for us. Whether to third parties or internally, any transfers of Personal Information from the European Economic Area to countries not automatically deemed to provide an adequate level of data protection are governed by European Union (EU) standard contractual clauses and/or equivalent data transfer regulations to protect the security and confidentiality of Personal Information.  

We will, where required by local law, obtain your prior consent to such cross-border transfers or otherwise we will take such other steps as are required by local law. We will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your Personal Information is treated securely and in accordance with this Statement.  


Protection of your Information  

We have implemented reasonable physical, technical and administrative security standards to protect Personal Information from loss, misuse, alteration, destruction or damage.  


Contact us  

For changes, such as modifying your Personal Information where it is no longer accurate, and to exercise any of your rights, please the subject heading "Exercise of Data Subject Right(s)".  

If you have a complaint about how we have handled your Personal Information you may contact us and we will investigate your complaint. You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority (i.e. your local data protection authority) once you have tried to resolve the issue with us.


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