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THORPE PARK Resort Guide to Making Your Own Xmas Jumper

  • Monday December 19th 2016
  • Jordan

For some reason, it’s become a bit of a tradition every year at Christmas now to find the gaudiest, tackiest Christmas jumper and wear it with pride. Whilst many stores are well stocked in some true Christmas crimes against fashion, we’re of the belief that for the best results you need to roll up your sleeves and crack out the scissors and glue. And we’re here to help! We’ve put together three guides on how to be the tacky Christmas jumper god you were born to be.



How To Make Your Own Xmas Jumper

The ‘I Only had Five Minutes and I Panicked’

For when you just don’t have enough time in the day. Or, more realistically, for when you accidentally forgot.


What you’ll need:

A thin woollen jumper (or t-shirt if you’re really desperate!)

Cheap-as-you-can-get Christmas lights


How to make it:

Wrap yourself in Christmas lights

Put your top/jumper on over the top

Enjoy your Christmas party like the little glow worm you are!



The ‘So Bad It’s Good’

For when you haven’t got an ounce of style and want to embrace the one time of the year that this is encouraged


What you’ll need:

A jumper/top of some description that you don’t mind defacing for the sake of bad taste

An assorted of the very worst Christmas tat you can lay your hands on (pound shops are an absolute gold mine for this kind of thing!)

Glue/needle and thread/sellotape? Maybe? (depends how horrific you want the end result to be to be honest)


How to make it:

Lay the jumper out on a flat surface

Apply assorted Christmas tat (the less thought out the better)

Enjoy your Christmas party as much as someone with tinsel and baubles falling from their body can



The ‘I Actually Put Effort Into This But It Still Looks Awful’

For when you’re feeling extra creative, get half way through and realise you’re not the artist you thought you were but see it out to the end anyway


What you’ll need:

A black/red/green sweater of semi-good quality

An assortment of fabrics in Christmassy colours/prints


Needle and thread/hot glue gun


How to make it:

Lay sweater out on a flat surface

Cut Christmassy shapes such as stars and Christmas trees out of the extra fabric

Arrange in a tasteful and thought out design

Crack out the needle and thread

Stab self with needle whilst trying (and failing) to thread said needle

Fire up the hot glue gun instead

Accidentally get glue everywhere, hence ruining the gorgeous and thought out tasteful design

Wear to Christmas party anyway because hey, you’ve come too far not to see this through!


*Pro-tip – adding extra fairy lights to any of the above instantly increases festive points and can help to cover up some of your rubbish attempts at Christmas crafts. Trust us.


Until next time Islanders,


Official THORPE PARK Resort Blogger


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