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Thorpe Park Resort

School Trip Planning


Planning a school trip to THORPE PARK Resort couldn't be simpler, after all – we do all the hard work for you!

  • Free Planning Tickets
    Once you have made payment for your visit, you can pick up two complimentary planning and preparation tickets to be used before the date of your visit. All you need is your booking reference and confirmation of payment.
  • Free Risk Assessment
    To make your visit as safe and as rewarding as possible we've put together a comprehensive risk assessment, so you don’t have to!
  • Lead-Teacher Checklist
    Download our lead-teacher checklist for all your essential information before  your visit here.


For more information, click here to have a live web chat with the booking team.


How do I book a school trip?

We recommend that you book online as it’s the fastest and cheapest way to book a trip. You can always email to ask questions about your trip. Alternatively, can book your trip provisionally online book your trip online

How many teachers can attend?

Schools can bring as many teachers as they need. We offer complimentary teacher places when booking – 1 per 10 paying secondary students, 1 per 5 paying primary students

What are the payment methods and if schools are paying by cheque where do they send it to?

School trips can be paid by invoice, BACs and credit/debit card.

How will I receive my school booking tickets?

All School tickets will be sent to you once you have completed a booking confirmation form. All tickets need to be printed in advance of your trip and taken to turnstiles on arrival where they will be scanned. We do not print tickets on the day.

How can I request my two free planning tickets?

Two teacher planning tickets are automatically added to your booking free of charge so that you can visit Thorpe Park Resort before your trip date to plan ahead. These tickets will be sent to you along with all your tickets for your trip once you have paid in full. If you have any questions, please email and a member of the Education Team will help you with your enquiry.

Do you have home schooling rates?

We match our regular school prices for home school students. Proof of status will be required as with schools. Home school trips will need to be booked by calling the school booking and information line on +441932 577130*.  

We will be taking the train to visit THORPE PARK Resort. How do we travel from Staines Train Station to THORPE PARK Resort?

Sullivan Buses operate a regular service to and from Staines Train Station. They offer student travel for £2.70 return plus 1 free teacher for each 10 paying student tickets. For more information or to book in advance, contact Ashley Hutchins at Sullivan Buses

What are the height restrictions for the rides?

Each ride has its own height restrictions ranging from 0.9m to 1.4m minimum. To explore all our rides in advance, please click here

What are the medical provisions on-site with qualified staff?

We have a fully manned First Aid/Medical Centre located in the lower level of The Dome.

Are the rides and attractions inspected on a daily basis?

All rides undergo a rigorous testing schedule everyday by competent engineers in accordance with the manufacturers’ guidance. Rides also undergo a comprehensive winter check to ensure they are safe for the following season.

Do any of the rides have strobe lighting?

Yes, a few of the rides have strobe lighting for effect. This information can be found in the park maps and on the safety signage at the entrance to the rides.

Have you got any information about ride safety?

You can see our full ride safety guide here.

I want to make an amendment to my booking. How can I do this?

If you would like to make any amendments to your booking please click here.

Can I cancel a school trip?

Whilst it would be a shame if you’re no longer able to visit us, we know that this sometimes can’t be helped! You can cancel a school trip reservation for free any time before you send your booking confirmation email, if you have paid for your trip and you need to cancel within 10 days of your visit, we will offer you a new booking date later in the same year. 

I can’t find an answer to my question, please can I speak to a member of the team?

You can email our Education Team at if you require further help with either making booking or speaking about your current booking.


Is there coach or minibus parking?

Yes we offer both coach and minibus parking at the Resort. Please make sure you pre-book the correct number of coach and/or minibus tickets whilst making a school trip booking. Please also note, at peak times entrance to the Resort can become rather busy so early arrival is always advised.

Do coach and minibus drivers receive any benefits?

We offer coach and minibus complimentary admission to THORPE PARK Resort which will be arranged by the school upon booking the trip. Coach Drivers may be asked to present their daily job sheet or ID as proof at any time during the visit.

How long can guests wait in the drop off/pick up area?

To reduce traffic build up we would ask our guests limit their waiting time to 30 minutes when picking up and collecting guests.

Are there any meeting points at THORPE PARK Resort?

The Dome is already used heavily as a meeting place so please feel free to see our Resort map to find alternative meeting points.

Are lockers available for students to place their belongings?

Yes, these can be located in the lower level of the Dome. Lockers cost £2 and are non-refundable.

Could students be exposed to water whilst at THORPE PARK Resort?

Some rides do have a water element to them. These rides include Depth Charge, Tidal Wave, Storm Surge, Amity Beach and Rumba Rapids.

Is there a lunch room for schools to hire?

There are no lunch rooms available but there is a wide variety of food options on the Resort and exclusive offers for school customers. There are also several seating areas around the Resort which may be suitable but we do not reserve.

Is there a room that religious schools can use to pray?

Currently there is not a dedicated room although we will consider requests when the learning spaces are free. Please contact us at

Are there any shaded areas for the students attending during the summer months?

There are shaded areas throughout the Resort for students to use.


What can my students’ book that is educational for our visit?

Our talks and workshops in Maths, Science and Business/Marketing cost just £1.50pp. Each educational talk is located outside one of our rides. Content is aligned with the National Curriculum for Key Stages 3 – 5. 

Do you offer educational resources?

We also offer educational resources to support your pre-visit and post visit learning within various subjects. You can download them all here


How do I report lost property?

Any item lost on the day report to Guest Services, or following your visit contact Guest Services on 01932 577123