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School Trip Testimonials

Hear from other schools, colleges & universities and students about their educational trips to Thorpe Park.

Fright night was sooo amazing I had a great time I went on a school trip and I just got back. It was my first time and I hope to come again!

Maria S

It was amazing. Although on the day it was raining that didn't stop the rides from being in use. I got over my fear of rollercoasters by going on all of them. This is a great place to bring a big group of people. I would definitely return.

Brandon C

I went with my school on a trip to London... but my main highlight for this trip was Thorpe park because I just love rollercoasters and heights, the food is not over priced ... the food was really good ... I would recommend going here if you have the chance, I will go back one day!

Julia Innes

How does the body react to roller coasters?

Thorpe Park is also proud to have previously partnered with Imperial College London to review how the human body reacts to roller coasters - as investigated by their students:

The powerful and involuntary responses of the body and mind when riding theme park attractions has been studied by biomedical science students from Imperial College London working with engineers, technicians and educators at THORPE PARK Resort.

Dr James Moss, a teaching fellow within Imperial’s National Heart and Lung Institute, explains that the field trip gives the students the opportunity to prepare for and undertake data collection in a real-world environment to answer applied physiology research questions.

“It’s a practical and engaging opportunity for our undergraduate students to process and analyse a large amount of data, to test an original hypothesis, and communicate scientific information to a scientific audience using literature to discuss and support their findings."

Secondary School Students On Stealth Rollercoaster

Students test theme park rides

For more information on the collaborative project, please click here to visit Imperial College’s website.

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