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Please note: this experience has now retired to the Fright Nights vaults

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Take on the ultimate Halloween roller coaster challenge on the big five thrill rides at Thorpe Park Resort. Our Feared 5 line up features some of the fastest, most unique and very best roller coasters in the UK - under cover of darkness.

Starting from 5pm each day, become a master of darkness by taking on our frightful Feared 5 challenge. Brave some of Europe’s most thrilling coasters in the pitch black. The twisted, tangled steel tracks of each coaster are lit up and outlined against the night sky… they’re calling your name.

Season pass members will be familiar will some of our tallest, scariest and fastest roller coasters. But few will have taken on the iconic Nemesis Inferno or the UK’s fastest roller coaster, Stealth, in the dark! When you reach the top speed of 80mph, just imagine how darkness will amplify the fear factor!

How to Take Part in our Roller Coaster Challenge

Step 1: Ride each of our big five coasters, after dark. (You only need to take on each track once - but why not choose a favourite to ride again?!)

Step 2: Scan the QR codes located in the queue lines of some of the best roller coasters in the UK.

Step 3: Decipher the creepy code-word from our coaster clues.

Step 4: Quote the code word at the Thorpe Park Megastore to collect a FREE, exclusive Feared 5 wristband. The ultimate thrill seeker trophy, that you can wear!

The Feared 5 Challenge is the original FRIGHT NIGHTS scare attraction. Take part in this epic roller coaster challenge for free, as part of your FRIGHT NIGHTS entry ticket. Book now from £33pp. Remember: booking online is the only way to guarantee your entry!

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