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The world’s first ten-loop roller coaster

Experience TEN exhilarating inversions, including a vertical loop, cobra roll, double corkscrew and the UK’s only quadruple barrel roll! Colossus proudly stands amongst the top ten roller coasters with the most inversions, worldwide!

At 98 ft in the air, the iconic steel track stands like the Colossus of Rhodes - a powerful wonder of the theme park world! Fly high and low through Thorpe Park’s Lost City, close enough to wave to visitors on the path, before you dive into an underground trench. Brace yourself: there are surprises hidden around every curved corner on Colossus!

Ride stats

Located in Lost City

44 mph top speed

You must be at least 1.4m to ride

Worlds first 10 looping roller coaster

98ft height

Maximum torso restriction 51 inches

Colossus Rollercoaster Vertical Loop

Ride one of the most looping roller coasters in the world

Colossus broke the mould for thrill seekers who wanted to be twisted and turned upside down, over and over again. With ten wild and varied inversions, Colossus held the Guinness World Record for the most looping roller coaster in the world until 2013. 

Colossus may not be the world’s tallest coaster but, as the chain lift hill cranks you up to 98ft, you’ll feel on top of the world. It’s one of the only moments you’ll feel like you’re the right way up! 

From the top of the lift hill, the track plummets, reaching a top speed of 72km/h. Combining a vertical loop with an airtime hill builds momentum for an intense double cobra roll through the thick jungle of the Lost City. The steel roller coaster track continues with two corkscrews and four consecutive heartline rolls, just 10ft above the ground. Make sure there’s nothing loose in your pockets! 

Just when you think the ride is over, there’s still time for one more heartline roll to complete the set of ten and secure the 2002 roller coaster record. Colossus is a unique roller coaster, dedicated to surprising and delighting riders until the very last moment!

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Colossus Ride Reviews

After the corkscrews the train makes a turnaround and negotiates four – count ‘em! – consecutive clockwise heartline rolls. These were an absolute delight, not to mention a thrill, and not in the least bit rough. [...] Designing this ride with four heartline rolls in rapid succession was nothing short of brilliant.
Coaster Critic

Well paced, disorientating, and fun ride throughout. Front row seats offer guests one of the best ride experiences the Park has to offer.
Total Thorpe Park

Colossus has always been one of my favourite rides at Thorpe Park [...]. After all, it’s always fun exiting a ride feeling like your brain has been put through a centrifuge.
Trusted Reviews

Having travelled the entire length of the ride somersaulting through inline twists, the train manages to break free from this whirlpool [...] Colossus is a success in every meaning of the word.
Coaster Kingdom

Did you know?

  • Colossus has provided thrills at Thorpe Park since 2002, making it the theme park’s longest-standing roller coaster! Known as the coaster that rocketed Thorpe Park to Amusement Park Royalty, this ten-loop roller coaster is as epic today as it always has been.

  • Theme Park Top Tip: Sit in the front row for the best views of the track ahead; or opt for the back of the train if you want to experience some intense drag force!