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The UK's fastest rollercoaster

Prepare to experience the brake horse power of two Formula 1 cars, on our giant accelerator coaster. Place your head back, face forwards, hold on tight and brace yourself… prepare for launch!

Take your seat for a drag race like no other. This hydraulic launched roller coaster will propel you from 0-80 miles per hour in less than 2 seconds!

Thorpe Park’s top thrill dragster combines speed and height to create the ultimate theme park thrill ride.

Ride overview

Located in Amity

80 mph top speed

62.5m in height

Fastrack available

You must be at least 1.4 m to ride

Maximum torso restriction 51 inches

Stealth Rollercoaster Top Hat Element

Touch the sky on one of the UK’s tallest roller coasters

Beyond the unforgettable hydraulic launch system, Stealth’s iconic steel roller coaster track reaches 62.5m into the air, for a bird’s-eye view of the whole theme park. The track blends with the colour of the sky, so riders feel like they’re at one with the clouds. 

At 205 ft high, the roller coaster flies slowly over the peak of the top hat. For an unexpected moment, you’ll experience incredible negative g-force as you glide like a bird... before plummeting back to earth!

Closer to the ground, another moment of weightlessness awaits, over the track’s final airtime hill. The magnetic brake run gives you just enough time to catch your breath, return to gravity and shout “Let’s go again!”.

Did you know? When Stealth opened in 2006, it was the fastest and tallest launch coaster in all of Europe!

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Stealth is easily the best ride at Thorpe Park. [...] You can't compare the feeling of being launched up 205ft of track, and travelling from 0-80 in under 2 seconds!

Theme Park Insider

Utterly thrilling - the biggest adrenaline rush that Thorpe Park offers. Stunning visuals at the crest of the Top Hat - especially at night.

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