Rumba Rapids

Enjoy a ride down the Island's rapid river!

Can I ride?

To ride Rumba Rapids at THORPE PARK Resort you must:

  • be at least 0.9m tall, under 1.1m must be accompanied by 16+

For a full list of ride accessibility restrictions click here 



Rumba Rapids is a very relaxing ride although you do get splashed a little!


- Ria,

Rumba Rapids is amazing.....The relaxaing is great, just to sit there and enjoy the ride is great. I suggest if you have children and there want to sit down and chill this is the ride for them.

- Debbie,

Rumba Rapids is always a good laugh with all your friends! You never know who's going to get splashed. Watch might be you! Well Done Thorpe Park :)X


- Ellen,
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