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Hyperia Construction Updates – Thorpe Park’s new rollercoaster for 2024

  • Thursday March 7th 2024
  • Charlotte

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Welcome to the Hyperia rollercoaster construction update page! Here we’re going to share with you the progress of Thorpe Park’s newest rollercoaster opening in 2024, Hyperia – the UK’s fastest and tallest rollercoaster.  

Don't forget to scroll down this entire page to see each update we've posted, with the most recent posts at the top.

Thursday 7th March

Welcome to the latest construction update for our new rollercoaster for 2024 – Hyperia! Here’s a look at what’s been going on over at the site for UK’s fastest and tallest rollercoaster since our last update:      

We’re thrilled to announce that yesterday, after months of construction, the team used a 500-tonne crane to lift the 92nd and final piece of Hyperia track into place! 



This final piece of track for our latest record-breaking attraction, Hyperia, the UK’s tallest, fastest and most weightless rollercoaster completed the 995.4m long masterpiece! 


As the gates closed for the 2023 season, the construction of Hyperia commenced, taking over 5,292 man hours to assemble to date!  


Reaching breath-taking heights of 236ft and full-throttle speeds of over 80mph, Hyperia is set to push the limits of excitement for even more people than ever having been designed with a height requirement of just 1.3m. 


Visitors can also expect a thrilling experience like never before with the lap bar restraint adding to the weightless feeling riders will experience whilst racing along Hyperia’s track which weighs a staggering 232 tonnes.  


Our state-of-the-art rollercoaster promises to deliver an adrenaline-pumping experience like never before! 


We can’t wait for you to experience Hyperia and Find Your Fearless! 


Until next time👋    


Wednesday 6th March

Welcome to the latest construction update for our new rollercoaster for 2024 – Hyperia! Here’s a look at what’s been going on over at the site for UK’s fastest and tallest rollercoaster since our last update:      

This is the view you’ll be greeted with when you walk into the Hyperia area! The only parts of the track that aren’t complete yet are the final sections of the lift hill and drop - Keep an eye out for our next blog update as this is happening very, very soon.  

Photo 1

Here you can see the crest of Hyperia’s staggering 236ft tall lift hill. All of these parts will be assembled on the ground before then being lifted into place as one big final piece.  

Photo 2

Part of the agreement with the Environmental Agency was to restore as much of the natural habitats as possible - These reeds were retained and have been replanted.  

Photo 3

Another epic view from a different angle because we just can’t get enough of Hyperia!  

Photo 4

This is the tallest piece of track when in its final position! This is being lifted into place imminently, so keep an eye out for our next blog update!  

Photo 5

Stay tuned for more Hyperia construction updates!      

Until next time👋    


Thursday 29th February

Welcome to the latest construction update for our new rollercoaster for 2024 – Hyperia! Here’s a look at what’s been going on over at the site for UK’s fastest and tallest rollercoaster since our last update:   

The first three sections of Hyperia’s breathtaking 236ft tall lift hill have been put in place. 

Image 1

Here’s a look inside Hyperia’s ride station where you can see the brand details are staring to be installed. How awesome is it that in the not-too-distant future you’ll be in here waiting to jump on board the UK’s fastest and tallest rollercoaster and journey to ‘Find Your Fearless’?! 

Image 2

This is a pretty cool view, this is the view from Hyperia’s ride operator console booth! Hyperia's ride control panel is currently wrapped-up nice and snug until it’s ready to be installed. 

Image 3

Now, I know I said the last photo is pretty cool, but just look how cool this photo is too - This is Hyperia’s lift hill motor! These are the cogs that the lift hill chain will connect to, to then pull the Hyperia rollercoaster trains up the 236ft lift hill!  

Image 4

The first white track sections of Hyperia’s 236ft tall lift hill are being installed along with the lift hill stairs to the left. Our awesome Engineering team will have to climb the 236ft lift hill daily to give Hyperia its checks. Fancy joining their epic team? Check out our vacancies and this could be your office – sweet! 

Image 5

Just wow! This is a look up Hyperia’s lift hill and it’s not even complete yet – She is a gigantic masterpiece of a beast! 

Image 6

Work continues on the golden cladding forming the outside of the Hyperia ride station, plus you can see the team here are installing some beautiful wing detailing. 

Image 7

A close up of the team installing the gorgeous golden wing detailing to the outside of the Hyperia ride station.  

Image 8

A piece of the Hyperia lift hill section is getting craned into place.  

Image 9

Peek-A-Boo, we see you SAW – The Ride! SAW – The Ride as well as some of our other record-breaking rollercoasters and awesome rides have begun testing! This is also a last look at Hyperia before the lift hill and drop are complete! Take it all in Thrillseekers. 

Image 10

Stay tuned for more Hyperia construction updates!    


Until next time👋  


Tuesday 13th February

Welcome to the latest construction update for our brand-new rollercoaster, Hyperia! Here’s a snapshot of what’s been going on over at the Hyperia construction site since our last update: 

The final piece of track for the non-inverted immelmann element fitted like a glove on the first attempt – awesome! 

Photo 01

This is the non-inverted immelmann element complete in-front of gorgeous blue skies – Look at Hyperia glow! 

Photo 02

Now, this is a pretty awesome pic! Well, they all are, but this photo will be your view if you’re sitting in the front row of Hyperia waiting to be dispatched on the UK’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster! It’s starting to feel even more real now, isn’t it?! 

Photo 03

This glistening golden piece of track is the outward bank turn as you come out of Hyperia’s ride station. This element is unusual to find at the beginning of a rollercoaster and it will give you a strange sensation as you begin your journey to Find Your Fearless. 

Photo 04

The team are starting to re-dig out the lake that’ll be in the centre of Hyperia and will also feature that epic splashdown element! 

Photo 05

Landscaping has started to arrive on-site, and our Landscaping & Conservation Team are busy making Hyperia’s surroundings looking beautiful. We work closely with our local planning authorities to ensure we’re using the correct landscaping to support our local eco-system. 

Photo 06

This construction update photo shows the team starting to build the tower that will support Hyperia’s ‘stall loop’ element. A stall loop is where you will experience a lovely bit of hangtime (which is when you hang upside down). This stall loop will have you ‘hanging’ for a longer amount of time than a typical rollercoaster loop, plus you’ll feel like you’re floating!  

Photo 07

The piece of track to the left in this image is Hyperia’s non-inverted immelmann element from another angle. The piece of track to the right of this image is the stall loop element, then the tower on the far right is the same tower as the above – so cool! 

Photo 08

The steel frame for Hyperia’s retail shop and photo kiosk is in place – Who can’t wait to get their hands on the epic Hyperia retail range we have coming and ride photos proving you found your fearless? 

Photo 09

Hyperia’s retail shop and photo kiosk unit is progressing nicely. 

Photo 10

Snapshot inside the Hyperia retail shop and photo kiosk unit. 

Photo 11

How epic does this view look? This is the view of the final brake run as you triumphantly return to Hyperia’s ride station. Fun fact – Hyperia’s final brake run is in the same location as the infamous double drop of Logger’s Leap! 

Photo 12

This is the transfer track for the Hyperia rollercoaster trains which will be used to manoeuvre the ride trains in and out of the maintenance building for inspections. 

Photo 13

This is the inside of Hyperia’s ride station. Looking at the ride station from this angle, you’ll board on the right and exit to the left. The red structure in the back left is the frame for the Hyperia Ride Operator’s console and is built at height to give them an aerial view of riders boarding the train. 

Photo 14

Another awesome angle showing Hyperia’s non-inverted immelmann and stall loop elements. Hyperia’s neighbour, SAW – The Ride is peeking in shot on the left. 

Photo 15

Stay tuned for more Hyperia construction updates!   

Until next time👋 


Thursday 21st December 

Welcome to the latest construction update for our new rollercoaster for 2024 – Hyperia! Here’s what’s been going on over at the site for UK’s fastest and tallest rollercoaster since our last update: 

The skyline of Thorpe Park is changing forever and is already towering over our other epic theme park rides! 

Hyperia December 1

Work is progressing quickly on the third tower which will hold a non-inverted immelmann and stall loop – this is where you will be held upside down for a longer period of time.

Hyperia December 2

To the right are the steps that’ll lead you up to the best rollercoaster in the UK’s Ride Station. In here you’ll climb aboard Hyperia, the UK’s fastest and tallest rollercoaster, to ‘Find Your Fearless’. To the left is the final brake run where you will return triumphant after having found your fearless self!

Hyperia December 3

This outward-banked airtime hill is now complete; this is the second to last element of Hyperia. There’s still lots of landscaping work to come including the land in-front being re-filled and made into a lake. As you can see, Hyperia and its surrounding areas are still very much a construction site, but once our awesome Landscaping team come in and work their magic it’ll be beautiful!

Hyperia December 4

This is the second to last element of Hyperia (the outward-banked air-time hill) from another angle showing just how wild this section is.

Hyperia December 5

The transfer track has been installed – this transfer track will guide the Hyperia rollercoaster trains from the Ride Station into the Maintenance Building and vice versa.

Hyperia December 6

This piece of track will be the first piece that’ll take riders on the journey from the Hyperia Ride Station to the base of the extraordinary 236ft tall lift hill, making Hyperia the tallest rollercoaster in the UK! What makes this first piece of track unusual is that the track here is banked outwards creating a rather unique start to your Hyperia experience. 

Hyperia December 7

The splashdown track has been installed; this is where you’ll glide over the water before ascending to an outer-banked airtime hill. 

Hyperia December 8

Here you can see the construction team bolting some Hyperia rollercoaster supports together. 

Hyperia December 9

Stay tuned for more Hyperia construction updates!  

Until next time👋  


Thursday 23rd November  

Let's take it back a bit. It’s December 2021 and Thorpe Park have just submitted plans for a brand-new rollercoaster to join the theme park. A microsite was set-up with information and artist illustrations of what we called ‘Project Exodus’, and we also invited the public to join in with our in-person and online public consultation meetings which were headed up by Thorpe Park’s Divisional Director and guest speakers. 


Skip forward to Thursday 5th October 2023 and something huge was about to be revealed. At our star-studded Fright Nights VIP launch event the night ended with a monumental reveal. In front of hundreds of celebrities, influencers, journalists and top tier media outlets, channels and programmes, we announced Project Exodus’s name. This announcement coincided with a multi-channel reveal across our website and all social media platforms too so that our followers and fans were a part of this key moment in Thorpe Park history.


Fast forward to today and Hyperia is growing into the majestic, Goddess we know she will be.   
So far over at the Hyperia build site the framework for the ride station is in place. 

Best rollercoaster rides

The framework for Hyperia’s maintenance station is also in place. This is where Hyperia’s rollercoaster cars will live when they’re not taking riders around the track so our engineers can conduct their daily checks, services and MOTs.  

New rollercoaster Thorpe Park

Works on the base of the incredible 236ft tall lift hill has started. This triangular slab of concrete forms the base where you’ll start your incredible ascent.  

Highest rollercoasters

Supports and track have been going in, meaning the ride structure has been going ‘vertical’ over the past few weeks. This section of the ride is the second tallest part and measures to a nerve-wracking height of 165ft – that's higher than The Swarm!   

High rollercoaster

This piece of Hyperia is complete! It’s currently the second tallest rollercoaster point at Thorpe Park after Stealth which stands at an almighty 205ft and gives you an awesome bird’s eye view of various things to do at Thorpe Park. Now that part of Hyperia is complete, attention will turn to landscaping in the area.  

Theme park rollercoaster

Work on the coaster’s final airtime hill and break run has begun. After this you’ll then return into Hyperia’s ride station, then go to find your hilarious ride photos!  

Zero G rollercoaster

In the middle of the site, work is taking place on the splashdown element of the ride. Supports are being put in place for the part of the rollercoaster ride where you glide across the lake with awesome water effects. 

Rollercoaster ride

The track is in place in the station. This is the piece of track where Hyperia’s ride cars will be positioned and you’ll then board and disembark Hyperia. Crazy to think you could be sitting here in the not too distant future ready to Find Your Fearless and experience Hyperia for the first time! Exciting! 

Theme park rides

The Hyperia maintenance station now has walls and a roof.  

Worlds best theme parks

We can’t tell you how incredibly exciting this is to see in person! We are making history here and we’re looking forward to bringing you along on the journey to build the best rollercoaster in the UK. 


Stay tuned for more Hyperia construction updates! 


Until next time👋 



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