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The Walking Dead Rollercoaster

Thorpe Park Resort is overrun by Walkers and there is but one goal: survive. Making it to the sanctuary of the Safe Zone is vital for salvation. Located at the centre of the Island, navigate your way to the safety of the indoor bunker. But be warned: all signs point to an imminent invasion of Walkers and ahead, there’s a pitch black abyss! Keep your head down and move quickly for your best chance of staying alive.

For the first time ever, experience The Walking Dead: The Ride. Those who ride… survive! We will see you at the Safe Zone…

Ride overview

Thrilling indoor ride

You must be at least 1.4 m to ride

Accessibility Information

Non-Ambulant & Wheelchair Access

  • You must have full upper body strength including head and neck control and be able to brace against the forces.
  • This ride is not suitable for non-ambulant riders.

Sensory Needs

  • This ride features dark indoor spaces with strobe lighting, loud noises, special effects and live actors.

Missing Limb or Amputation Information


  • In the evacuation you may be required to exit via a steep staircase with the use of a handrail.

The safety of our guests is paramount, and as part of our legal obligations we have conducted a risk assessment of all our rides which indicates that some cannot be ridden safely by guests with missing or amputated limbs, or those who use a prosthetic limb.

Each ride has been assigned a limb safety requirement, ranging from no restrictions in the number of limbs a guest has, to all 4 limbs being required. Please note that where a ride stipulates a minimum number of limbs a prosthetic limb cannot be used to reach this number.

A full list of restrictions are detailed in the Accessibility Guide. You can also view our example Ride Access Pass Time Card which has information on ride restrictions.

All prosthetic limbs must be secured to the guest’s body or removed before boarding any ride.

If you have any other questions or would like to discuss your situation in more detail prior to your visit either via Phone: 01932 577131 or Email:

The Walking Dead Indoor Roller Coaster, Guests Screaming

Ride this Indoor Rollercoaster, in the dark!

From the moment you join the queue line, you leave Thorpe Park behind and step into an immersive episode of the world-renowned horror TV show: The Walking Dead. 

This indoor rollercoaster features live-action role play, terrifying actors and an immersive pre-ride show. It may be housed under a giant, ominous roof, but this non-powered rollercoaster features a drive tire lift hill and high-speed drops of almost 10m. It’s proof that you don’t need to turn upside down for a thrill ride experience that’ll make your heart race!  

This theme park attraction combines a rollercoaster ride with live actors, so you can escape real Walkers at 45 km per hour. But be warned, the journey to the safe zone involves riding this horror themed rollercoaster in the dark! 

Inspired by The Walking Dead, the iconic AMC television series, this ride is dedicated to creating a full-on themed experience. Walkers are hiding around every corner!  On The Walking Dead: The Ride, it’s Fright Nights all day, every day!

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The Walking Dead: The Ride Reviews

By the time you get to the roller coaster - the safety zone light flashing before you - your heart is already racing.
The Mirror

If you like The Walking Dead then you’ll love this immersive experience. The theming around the coaster and general attraction area is very detailed
Theme Park Incorporated

The combination of sensory deprivation and a constant sense of movement is certainly unsettling.
Radio Times

The worst part of the ride is that you don’t know what’s going to happen around each corner – it’s also the best part.
The Sun

Did you know?

  • Thorpe Park’s ride designer, John Burton, researched this themed ride by watching 150 episodes of The Walking Dead.
  • There are many references to the original incarnation of this rollercoaster - X:\ No Way Out in the queueline. See if you can find them!

Please note: this attraction is not suitable for those under the age of 13, guests with heart, neck or back problems, epilepsy or claustrophobia and those who suffer from motion sickness or dizziness. This multi-sensory theme park ride contains sudden stops, lighting effects and haze

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Ride Restrictions Walking Dead

Ride Restrictions

Watch our video to find out more about The Walking Dead ride restrictions.

Ride Evacuation Walking Dead

Ride Evacuation Demonstration

Watch our video to find out more about The Walking Dead ride evacuation procedures.


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