SAW – The Ride, the world's first horror movie rollercoaster as you experience a ‘beyond vertical’ drop of 100 degrees from a height of 100ft.


Can I ride?

To experience SAW - The Ride, you must:

  • be at least of 1.4m tall
  • maximum 51 inch torso restriction
  • wear sturdy footwear
    (no heels or sandals please)
  • be able to walk unaided for 25m
    (including down steep stairs)
  • be old enough - best if you're 12+

For a full list of ride accessibility restrictions click here 


Ella Roberts
SICK RIDE, SUCH AN ADRENALINE RUSH!!! The moment before you go up, when Jigsaw appears on the screen and says "GAME OVER". I swear my heart skipped a beat, or several.
Alex Green
Amazing ride.....epically themed......need I say more?
Jack Gater
Off to @THORPEPARK today #stealth #saw#nemesis #swarm #colossus#waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Alex Field @Alexfi1982
Omgggg going Thorpe park twice in May! 👌👌 @THORPEPARK bare scared to get on saw again!
Sick ride, definitely my favourite, well scary ascending the lift hill, brilliant theme also! EPIC!
Alex Green
Top day at @THORPEPARK with @lucaspowellicas #Saw and #Swarmbackwards has to be the highlights of the day.#BossRide
AMAZING RIDE nothing tops it
Charlene Grimmond


SAW - The Ride is awesome!!! I was so scared when queueing up for the ride and then walking through the inside queueing. Although the part where you are going through the house first is really scary, when you are on the rollercoaster part it is soooooo fun! Now I cannot wait to ride again.

- Joe, London

Saw the ride is amazing. The first time i went on it i was terrified but it was brilliant. Can't wait to go on it again.

- Myah, Newcastle

Saw is amazing .I have been on saw so many times and every time i have been on it i have loved it .IT is one of the best rides EVER. the best bit is the 100ft drop and the start of saw is so thrilling

- Tia, London
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