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Check out the Thorpe Park blog for the latest theme park news and events, as well as tips for planning the best family day out or thrill seeker adventure.
Thorpe Park 40th Anniversary T-Shirt Closeup
  • Wednesday May 8th 2019
  • Michael

Thorpe’s BIG 4-0 - Retro Merchandise

In case you didn’t know, Thorpe Park Resort is turning 40 this year! To mark such an important milestone, we’ve used our retro colours and logo to create a brilliant range of must-have merchandise! Dive in to this week’s blog and decide what you’ll be taking home!

2019 Pop Badges Visual
  • Tuesday April 30th 2019
  • Michael

2019 Pop Badges - Teased to Meet You

We know you guys LOVE a pop badge, that’s why we’ve created a whole new set for 2019! We’ve come up with a range of designs that we know you guys will adore, covering everything from our sensational 2019 events to some of our classic attractions and a very special, limited edition badge for a certain BIG 4-0! So without further ado, let’s pop to it!

Gamefx promo poster
  • Tuesday April 9th 2019
  • Michael

2019 Season Opening – Part Three – The Launch of GameFX

Calling all gamers, GameFX has launched at Thorpe Park Resort and people are loving the gaming paradise we’ve installed in a cosy corner of the park. The official launch took place on Saturday and so far, guests have been blown away by the awesome scale and sheer number of awesome things to do!

Luna Cinema Event, Back To The Future & Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Tuesday March 19th 2019
  • Michael

The Luna Cinema at Thorpe Park

The Silver screen comes to Thorpe Park! Grab your popcorn, get comfortable and enjoy a slice of Hollywood under the stars!

Key Visual Branding For 2019
  • Tuesday March 12th 2019
  • Michael

2019 Opening Day Tips

With opening day a little over two weeks away, we want to give you a head start to the season with some tips that you can use on the day and throughout the year!

Events Line Up Poster 2019
  • Tuesday March 5th 2019
  • Michael

A Season of Experiences Like No Other!

It’s dropped! Our amazing season of experiences Like No Other!

As well as our fantastic rides and attractions, we’ve got a whole season of events that you can’t afford to miss!

Gamefx Logo
  • Tuesday February 26th 2019
  • Michael

Downloading at Thorpe Park – GameFX

Did you ever have that dream where you wake up and you have all the current games consoles and a huge TV and you can just invite all your mates over and game all day?

Chuck some roller coasters into the mix and we can make your dreams come true!

Island Ticket Centre Sign
  • Tuesday February 19th 2019
  • Michael

Save the Date

As we head towards March and opening day, the Island Ticket Centre will be open to collect your Merlin Annual and Season Passes and register for your Ride Access Passes! Grab your diaries and make a note of these important dates…

Passholder Day, Saturday 23rd March Promo
  • Tuesday February 12th 2019
  • Michael

5 Thorpe Park Bucket List Items to Conquer at Passholder Day

Saturday 23rd March is our Passholder Day! The first opportunity for you lucky Thorpe Park fans to have exclusive access to the Island. Who's hyped!?

Map Of Merlin Attractions In London
  • Tuesday February 5th 2019
  • Michael

Location, Location, Location

Do you live in or near London? Do you enjoy days out with mates? Always looking for something different to do? We have the answer…

London is one of the most diverse and exciting places on the planet. It’s a melting pot of culture, cuisine, shopping and things to do! That’s where we come in.

Season Pass Promo
  • Tuesday January 29th 2019
  • Michael

5 Reasons why a Season Pass Makes Sense

Our first Passholder’s day will be held on Saturday 23rd March. Still dubious about buying a Season Pass? Think it’s a clever ploy for us to own your souls?

Think again with these 5 reasons why a Season Pass makes sense…

Nicola Grindelli
  • Tuesday January 22nd 2019
  • Michael

Introducing: Nicola Gridelli

We had a good old chat with Ride Host and Operator Nicola Gridelli. She told us a bit about her job in the Rides and Attractions department and her journey from ride host to operating some of the top attractions in the UK!