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Check out the Thorpe Park blog for the latest theme park news and events, as well as tips for planning the best family day out or thrill seeker adventure.
Fright Nights 2017 Visual featuring spooky scenery
  • Tuesday September 5th 2017
  • Jordan

The dead invade the Island...

The Island changes after dark...#FRIGHTNIGHTS2017

Guests coming down Depth Charge water slides
  • Tuesday August 15th 2017
  • Jordan

4 Reasons Why A Day Out At THORPE PARK Resort Is Actually Good For You

Who says a day out at a theme park can't be a healthy one?

Tidal Wave Water Ride Splash
  • Tuesday August 1st 2017
  • Jordan

How Wet Do You Get On Tidal Wave?

Finally, an answer to one of life's age-old questions: how wet do you actually get on Tidal Wave?

Fright Nights 2017 Visual featuring spooky scenery
  • Tuesday July 25th 2017
  • Jordan

What's New For FRIGHT NIGHTS 2017?

What's new for FRIGHT NIGHTS 2017?

Stealth Rollercoaster Top Hat Element
  • Thursday July 13th 2017
  • Jordan

The Is7and Extremes Challenge

Get the low down on the Is7and Extremes challenge!

Thorpe Park Blog Logo
  • Tuesday May 30th 2017
  • Jordan

7 Reason Not To Miss Out On Our £20 Student Deal

7 reasons why you have no excuse not to buy this deal...

7 Top Tips For Revision
  • Tuesday May 23rd 2017
  • Jordan

7 Top Tips For Revision

Top tips from student fans of Thorpe Park to get you through the exam period!

Thorpe Park Blog Logo
  • Tuesday May 2nd 2017
  • Jordan

How To Take The Perfect Instagram Picture

Want to master the art of Instagram snaps? Here's some of our top recommendations!

Close Up of guests on The Swarm Rollercoaster
  • Tuesday April 18th 2017
  • Jordan / Coral Primmer

The Big 5 Review

Guest blogger and coaster expert Coral Primmer (Age 10) gives her take on our Top 5 coasters!

Thorpe Park Blog Logo
  • Tuesday April 4th 2017
  • Jordan

Free Things To Do In The Easter Holidays

Want to enjoy the Easter Hols without breaking the bank? We've got you covered!

Thorpe Park Blog Logo
  • Tuesday March 21st 2017
  • Craig Jennings

What Is The Sound Of The Island?

A look behind the new audio identity of the Island Like No Other!

Thorpe Park Blog Logo
  • Tuesday February 28th 2017
  • Jordan

Derren Brown's Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon - Service Updates

Stand by for service updates...