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Check out the Thorpe Park blog for the latest theme park news and events, as well as tips for planning the best family day out or thrill seeker adventure.
Thorpe Park Instagram Guide
  • Tuesday June 25th 2019
  • Michael

The Instagrammer’s Guide to Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park Resort is a thing of beauty. No really, it’s gorgeous! We have one of the most thrilling skylines of any park around the world. Don’t believe us? Check out our Instagram and give us a follow! In fact, the Island is so alive with energy that there’s limitless potential to take a great shot that no-one else will have captured.

Check out this week’s blog for a guide to some of the best places to grab a unique photo of the Island…

Thorpe Park Blog Logo
  • Friday June 21st 2019
  • Michael

Top locations to play Harry Potter : Wizards Unite

With the release of the highly anticipated new mobile game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, we review what the game play experience is like at Thorpe Park Resort.

Club MTV 27th July, 17th August, 7th September
  • Tuesday June 18th 2019
  • Michael

Thorpe Park Resort presents Club MTV

This summer MTV Club Nights are heading to Thorpe Park Resort for adrenaline and music pumped days! Dive in to this week's blog for the full line up!

Happy Father's Day From Thorpe Park
  • Tuesday June 11th 2019
  • Michael

Why you should Bring Dad to Thorpe Park This Father’s Day

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday! Why are Dads so difficult to buy for? It's bad enough trying to think of something for his Birthday, let alone an actual day of the year named after him. We're an understanding bunch here at Thorpe Park and we want to help! Check out this week's blog for some great reasons to bring Dad to Thorpe Park THIS Father's Day!

Uk'S Wettest Theme Park Promo Thorpe
  • Tuesday June 4th 2019
  • Michael

Five Ways to stay chill at Thorpe Park this summer

We've just had a scorcher of a weekend and it's only going to get warmer. Check out five ways you can stay chilled at Thorpe Park Resort this summer!

Jungle Escape Promo
  • Tuesday May 28th 2019
  • Michael

Thorpe's big 4-0 - Jungle Escape - An Escape Room Like No Other

Thorpe's latest adventure combines the intense challenge of an escape room with a menacing jungle! Select only your bravest and most daring friends to face the Huntsman as you enter the challenging undergrowth of the Jungle Arena. Engage your senses, prime your wit and take on the elements as you undergo a series of testing rituals before facing off with your rivals to ultimately decide which team leaves victorious and which will be lost to the Jungle forever.

The big enormous giant humongous long weekend 24th-27th May
  • Tuesday May 21st 2019
  • Michael

Thorpe’s Big 4-0 – Birthday Weekender!

Our Birthday is going to be HUGE. In fact, we’re calling it The Big Giant Humongous Long Weekend! As well as all of our amazing rides and attractions, over the weekend of the 24th/25th we have four of our 2019 events running simultaneously! This week's blog takes a look at all the fab Birthday treats we're introducing at the Resort to celebrate turning 40 and how you can get involved.

2019 Events Lineup Graphic
  • Tuesday May 14th 2019
  • Michael

Thorpe’s BIG 4-0 – The big, enormous, giant, humongous, great week!

We promised you a season of events Like No Other. An incredible 2019 that celebrates not only our fabulous rides but also how versatile Thorpe Park can be. Want to know how you can take full advantage of this most special of seasons? Click here, my friend…

Thorpe Park 40th Anniversary T-Shirt Closeup
  • Wednesday May 8th 2019
  • Michael

Thorpe’s BIG 4-0 - Retro Merchandise

In case you didn’t know, Thorpe Park Resort is turning 40 this year! To mark such an important milestone, we’ve used our retro colours and logo to create a brilliant range of must-have merchandise! Dive in to this week’s blog and decide what you’ll be taking home!

2019 Pop Badges Visual
  • Tuesday April 30th 2019
  • Michael

2019 Pop Badges - Teased to Meet You

We know you guys LOVE a pop badge, that’s why we’ve created a whole new set for 2019! We’ve come up with a range of designs that we know you guys will adore, covering everything from our sensational 2019 events to some of our classic attractions and a very special, limited edition badge for a certain BIG 4-0! So without further ado, let’s pop to it!

Gamefx promo poster
  • Tuesday April 9th 2019
  • Michael

2019 Season Opening – Part Three – The Launch of GameFX

Calling all gamers, GameFX has launched at Thorpe Park Resort and people are loving the gaming paradise we’ve installed in a cosy corner of the park. The official launch took place on Saturday and so far, guests have been blown away by the awesome scale and sheer number of awesome things to do!

Luna Cinema Event, Back To The Future & Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Tuesday March 19th 2019
  • Michael

The Luna Cinema at Thorpe Park

The Silver screen comes to Thorpe Park! Grab your popcorn, get comfortable and enjoy a slice of Hollywood under the stars!