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Check out the Thorpe Park blog for the latest theme park news and events, as well as tips for planning the best family day out or thrill seeker adventure.
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  • Tuesday May 15th 2018
  • James

A royal treat....

A royal treat for those of you named Harry or Meghan

Apocalypse Weekends, 12th May to the 24th June. Download the Thorpe Park App, Complete mission : Survive. Claim your free ticket, and get an exclusive pop badge for annual pass holders.
  • Friday May 4th 2018
  • James

The Safe Zone needs you. REWARD INSIDE

Find all about our next Unmissable Event.. APOCALYPSE WEEKENDS

Extended Hours 10AM-10PM on 19th May. Plus Exclusive ride time for annual pass holders on The Walking Dead The Ride
  • Tuesday April 24th 2018
  • James

Need a place to celebrate on May 19th?

There's a big event on May 19th...👑👰

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  • Tuesday March 13th 2018
  • James

eXpo:\ 2018

Join us as we say goodbye to an icon of the Island...

The Walking Dead The Ride Rollercoaster Exterior & Entrance
  • Thursday February 22nd 2018
  • James

Those who ride.... Survive

We’ll meet you at the Safe Zone…X marks the spot.

Road sign reading : Meet Me in the safezone 07375774930. Thorpe Park Only. Written by someone called Dylan
  • Tuesday February 13th 2018
  • James

All signs point to the Safe Zone...

Attention Islanders, more mysterious activity around the Island!

The Year of The Walking Dead Promo Image
  • Friday February 9th 2018
  • Jordan

Your Guide To The Year Of The Walking Dead

Excited? Us too! Here's everything you need to know about The Year Of The Walking Dead...

Have you seen this creature? With a distorted image
  • Tuesday January 23rd 2018
  • Jordan

Have You Seen This Creature?

Calling all Islanders - we need your help!

Thorpe Park Soundtrack CD by IMAscore
  • Tuesday December 12th 2017
  • Jordan

The Sound of the Island

Finally you can get your very own copy of the Island soundtrack with IMAscore!

Thorpe Park Resort Annual Pass
  • Tuesday November 28th 2017
  • Jordan

All I Want For Christmas Is...

No need to be stuck for ideas for Christmas presents - grab a Thorpe Park Annual Pass gift card!

The Swarm Rollercoaster
  • Tuesday November 21st 2017
  • Jordan

How To Beat The Closed Season Blues

Feeling those closed season blues set in? We're here to help!

Stealth Rollercoaster viewed from a garden area
  • Tuesday November 14th 2017
  • Jordan

6 Closed Season Milestones

Thorpe Park Mania takeover the blog to bring us some closed season milestones to help get us through this dark, dark time...